Bethenny Frankel Experienced ‘Relief’ After Miscarriage While Married to Jason Hoppy


  • Bethenny Frankel experienced relief at the time of her miscarriage, which was a complex mix of emotions related to her strained marriage to Jason Hoppy.
  • The incident brought a temporary respite in their relationship as Hoppy moved out, but it also highlighted the underlying issues that contributed to their divorce.
  • Frankel's opening up about her miscarriage and the challenges of her marriage is part of a larger reflection on her life, which includes the emotional weight of her relationship with Hoppy and the decision to divorce.

Bethenny Frankel, alumna and reality TV entrepreneur, has spoken candidly about her experience with a miscarriage in 2012 amid a tumultuous marriage to Jason Hoppy. This revelation came during an episode of her “Just B Divorced” podcast, where she shared her feelings of relief and guilt after the miscarriage.

Frankel's relationship with Hoppy was described as so dysfunctional that she felt intimacy was “torture” and expressed a sense of relief that she would not be starting her new TV job while pregnant. However, he also admitted to feeling immense guilt for this relief, acknowledging the sadness of losing a potential life and the complex emotions surrounding his marital situation.

Bethenny Frankel experienced 'relief' after miscarriage while married to Jason Hoppy

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Frankel's miscarriage occurred eight weeks into her pregnancy, and she described the experience as a “nightmare.” Despite the emotional turmoil, she felt a sense of relief because she believed that the relationship with Hoppy was not healthy or positive. This realization was a catalyst for her to start divorce proceedings, which were finalized in January 2021 after a long legal battle.

The couple's marital problems were exacerbated by financial disparities and a lack of intimacy. Frankel revealed that Hoppy would compare his marital bed to “a block of ice” due to his reluctance to have sex, which he attributed to a loss of respect for him. She described the sexual aspect of their relationship as tortuous, forcing herself to push through it despite her discomfort.

Bethenny Frankel experienced one
Bethenny Frankel experienced 'relief' after miscarriage while married to Jason Hoppy

Reflecting on her decision to conceive so early in the relationship, Frankel expressed regret but emphasized her unwavering love for her daughter, Bryn. She acknowledged the challenges of her pregnancy, including the high risk due to her age, and the emotional toll it took on her. Despite the hardships, Frankel's opening up about her miscarriage and subsequent divorce highlights her journey to self-discovery and independence.

Bethenny Frankel's experience with a miscarriage during her marriage to Jason Hoppy was a complex mix of relief and guilt, reflecting the tumultuous state of their relationship. Her openness about this period of her life underscores the emotional and psychological challenges she faced, as well as her eventual decision to file for divorce.


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