Brian Austin Green Got a Vasectomy After Welcoming Baby No. 5


As for Brian, he admitted that all five of his kids were unplanned. “I love my kids and I wasn’t against of them,” the 50-year-old said, “but I’ve never that thing of looking at a pregnancy test, hoping that it’s positive, and preparing that way.”

However, according to Sharna, that may change if they decide to have a second baby. “I do want the experience of us planning it together, doing the pregnancy tests, and really being on this journey with each other,” she said. “So, we would probably end up having to do IVF.”

But for now, Sharna is grateful Brian underwent a vasectomy. “Birth control always made me feel crazy and not inside my own body, so I was really really grateful for that,” she said. “It was such a big and beautiful thing he did and it secures comfort and no stress in our sex life, not worrying about if we are or if we aren’t, which is such a gift. And then we can move forward and plan if that should be in the stars for us at some point.”

Look back at Brian and Sharna’s cutest photos together:


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