Calls For Martin Lewis To Be Prime Minister

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Martin Lewis is being touted to be the next Prime Minister

One of the UK's leading financial experts is being tipped to be the next prime minister. However, Martin Lewis has declined the invitation.

Martin Lewis, the founder of Money Saving Expert, has been tipped to be the next Prime Minister. However, when asked about him leading the country, his answer surprised many.

– Announcement –

The money-saving expert responded to X formally on Twitter, saying: “I'd rather have my nipples attached to electrodes” than become Prime Minister.

Leaving fans disappointed, Martin Lewis said: “Our system is too adversarial – it forces politicians to lie and sell policies they don't agree with in order to maintain the party line.

“It is structured with an official 'opposition' designed to oppose it.

“Few can thrive in that environment. I believe in public service, but my mental health is not strong enough. I wouldn't put my family through that, would I?

Lewis added: “Ps, I admire politicians on all sides who try. Most I meet try to do good. But in the end to do that you have to game the system and be incredibly mentally tough.”

Although Martin Lewis doesn't want to be the next Prime Minister, we decided to take to the streets of Manchester, Skegness, Lincoln, Boston, Grimsby, Leeds and Scunthorpe to find out how many people think he should become the next Chancellor of the Exchequer.

96% of the 200 people we asked said Martin Lewis would make a great Chancellor of the Exchequer. When we asked if Martin Lewis should be Prime Minister, only 72% said yes.

The general response to Martin Lewis becoming the next Prime Minister was that the money-saving expert is too nice a person and thinks about other people more than himself.

An important suggestion that came up many times during our research was that the government should not have just one person making important financial decisions.

The repeated suggestion was that the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer should be filled by a group of pundits such as Martin Lewis and members of Dragons Den such as Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Gary Neville and Steven Bartlett.


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