Celebrity Names We Never Expected To See On The Epstein Documents


Jeffrey Epstein also reportedly had a call about celebrity hairstylist Frederic Fekkai. Johanna Sjoberg said that she was giving Epstein a massage when she testified that she heard Epstein say, “Fekkai is in Hawaii. Can we find some girls for him?”

As for the people that Sjoberg said that she did meet while with Jeffrey Epstein, there was Michael Jackson who she met at Epstein’s house in Palm Beach, Florida. When asked if she ever massaged Jackson, she said no. She also met David Copperfield. Sjoberg told Sigrid McCawley, attorney for Virginia Giuffre, that she got to see Copperfield perform some magic tricks at a dinner that Epstein held, and confirmed that she felt Epstein and the magician were friends. Sjoberg also alleged in her testimony that Copperfield asked her “if I was aware that girls were getting paid to find other girls,” though there was no mention of the age of any girls or further context to the question.

To reiterate, there have been no accusations of misconduct by any of these celebrities named in the unredacted documents in relation to Epstein. They do seem to show Epstein’s desire to associate with high-profile and powerful people.

Post source: The List


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