‘Chucky’ Season 3 – Don Mancini and Devon Sawa on His Bulletproof Audition


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  • Collider talks to Don Mancini and Devon Sawa for Season 3 of Chucky.
  • Mancini and Sawa discuss some of their favorite characters and scenes, John Waters, and whether we'll have a cameo from Mancini in the franchise.
  • Sawa also talks about her audition for the series, working with Mancini, and how Chucky would fair in a fight against some of Sawa's previous co-stars and roles.

Don Mancini i Devon Sawa both are horror icons in their own way. For Mancini, he is the creative mind behind the ever-growing and wildly popular children's game franchise that has begotten seven feature films and one incredibly successful television series, which is now in its third season on Syfy and USA Network. On the other side of the camera is Sawa, whose appearance a Chucky marks his first time working with Mancini, but it's far from his first foray into horror-focused projects. In the early 2000s, Sawa's face was synonymous with the first film of the Final destination franchise, and the actor also took on roles in other notable projects, including idle hands, SLC Punk!, wild america, Now and thenand more

The pair have been working together since the show first hit screens in 2021, and despite Sawa's characters constantly gripping the sharp side of the killer doll's blade, has returned in a new role time and time again. Collider recently caught up with Mancini and Sawa to chat about the current season, which sees the actor playing not just one, but two roles, just like he did in Season 1. We covered some fun topics like Mancini has ever wanted to do. a cameo in any of the titles, i which villain from her past would Sawa like to see with Chucky. We also learned how Sawa's audition for the show surprised Mancini and led to him landing the role almost immediately. Check it all out below.


After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of gruesome murders begin to expose the town's hypocrisies and secrets.

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October 12, 2021

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'Chucky' Season 3 Introduces Killer Doll's Father: No, It's Not Don Mancini

COLLIDER: Congratulations on another fantastic season full of blood and guts and death and all that good stuff. This second batch of episodes is well worth the wait. My first question is for you, Don. I was really excited and I know everyone will love to see John Waters back in action, but there was a minute when you, as Chucky's real father, thought about coming for the first time to make a cameo. ?

DON MANCINI: No, no. [Laughs]

I thought that was the answer, but I had to try it.

MANCINI: I don't want to ruin our show. Although I don't know, I feel like when I work with actors, I'm definitely not conscious of being playful and acting, but I'm not really confident in my abilities.

That's fair. I just thought you wanted to come in. But John Waters is a good second choice.

MANCINI: I mean, maybe at some point. God, the thing is, I should have, like, 20 years ago.


'Child's Play' Director Reveals How 'The Shining' Helped Bring Chucky To Life

Tom Holland also talked about having to build sets to accommodate the dozen or so puppeteers needed to turn the Good Guy doll into the killer Chucky.

For sure. That's fair. Devon, now that we're three seasons in, you've played five different characters, which we love. Do you have a favorite of the five?

DEVON SAWA: I keep bouncing. I love playing the priest. I love playing James Collins. Randall is crazy. I'm all over the place. Each day would be a different answer. I would say the president right now.

I'm a Randall girl myself.

SAWA: It's very funny.

MANCINI: I agree. You have moments as Randall that are very funny in a subtle way. I was telling Devon the other day that there's a scene when he's reading the biography of the president that's really funny. Then Henry walks into the room with Chucky, and so Randall, as he stands up, is becoming the president. he is willing to take this on because he has to convince the little boy. Reminds me of Christopher Reeve right from the start Superman in this scene after he has flown off with Lois, and comes back. It's that thing where you take your glasses off, like, “Lois…”

SAWA: I love it.

MANCINI: It's little things he does. I love the scene where Gil Bellows he's talking about the history of presidential doubles, and he's referring to like, “And so the scenario is going to be that the president is going to be in worse shape,” and Randall says a little. [coughs]. It's very good. It's very funny.

A showdown between the ghosts of Devon Sawa's past

Another one for you, Devon. You've had a very long and incredible career with a lot of different genres. In a showdown between Chucky, the three ghosts of Casper

SAWA: Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso.

I nailed it. And Anton's hand idle handswhich I just watched again recently, what a true classic, and then Death in Final destinationwho do you think would win?

SAWA: I don't know who would win. Of those people who fight?

Of those people who fight. The ghostly trio are fighting together. They are next to each other.

MANCINI: Choose wisely, Devon.

SAWA: I should say the death of Final destination is the most powerful.

Yeah, I felt like there was almost a cop-out sort of thing to put it on.

SAWA: Well, I don't know how I would kill the three ghosts. But I would love to see something like Chucky fighting the hand, running wild in a small house, as a hand and Chucky chase him with a knife. This would be the ultimate battle.

That would be Don, take some notes here for the hopeful season 4.

MANCINI: I think it's funny.

A frightened Alex gets up from his seat on the plane as others look on at Final Destination
Image via New Line Cinema

The other thing I was going to throw in there was 127, whatever acid hit your character takes SLC Punk!but it looked like even a Good Guy doll couldn't survive that.

SAWA: Sean the beggar would outlive them all.

I know we're out of time, but how did you get involved? Chucky together? Devon, how did you get into franchising?

SAWA: I auditioned. My agents gave me the script and the sides and said, “Here it is Chucky“, and I was like, “Oh my God!” I worked on it, and I worked there because I wanted to be a part of it. I told Don on the board. Usually you just say your name and height, where you're from and if you're vaccinated at the time, but I…

MANCINI: [Laughs] He was vaccinated, so he is!

SAWA: But no, I had to tell Don on the board what I was doing and why I wanted it and why I was so passionate about it. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I know it was very long.

MANCINI: It was great. I was already a fan of his, of course, but his audition for these two roles was fantastic, and it included some dissertation about how he saw the character's respective pasts and how they might have been similar as kids, and how they diverge, and he was like, “This guy has really put a lot of thought into this.” It was super impressive.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Chucky They are now streaming in their entirety on the Peacock with new episodes from Season 3 being distributed weekly on air.

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