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Government To Ban Disposable vapes

Disposable Vapes Banned and Flavors Restricted: New Rules to Curb Underage Vaping
The Government have moved forward with their plan to cut down on the number of children smoking. The Disposable Vape ban will come into force at the end of this year
In a dramatic bid to curb the alarming rise of underage vaping, new rules are set to come into force by the end of this year. The Government plan to ban the sale of disposable vapes and will also restrict the flavours of vape juice.
The government aims to protect children from the addictive habit, as figures reveal that one in five youngsters has already tried vaping, despite it being illegal for those under 18.
While e-cigarettes can be beneficial for adult smokers looking to quit, there are concerns that non-smokers, particularly those aged between 18 and 24, are taking up disposable vapes without any history of smoking.
Health campaigners warn that these throwaway products, available for as little as £3, are enticing young people with their pocket-friendly prices, leading to an increase in litter as five million disposable vapes are discarded each week.
Disposable vapes, such as Lost Marys and Elf Bars, will face a complete ban under the new rules. The government believes that this step is necessary to prevent children from becoming hooked on vaping for life.The ban will apply to England, Wales, and Scotland, ensuring a unified approach in tackling this issue across the UK.
Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said:…


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