Costco Shoppers Are Fawning Over Edible Cookie Dough

Costco Shoppers Are Fawning Over Edible Cookie Dough


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Eating raw cookie dough can be one of the most enticing parts of the baking process. But, you’ve probably been warned against it because of the raw eggs and flour. Luckily, there are numerous edible cookie dough products deemed safe for consumption, one of which recently generated some buzz among Costco shoppers.

A few days ago, one Reddit user shared a photo of EatPastry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, writing, “Cannot recommend enough!” Available in three-pound containers, the item was spotted at one Costco warehouse for $8.99.

As depicted on the product’s packaging, this cookie dough is dairy-free and vegan and can be eaten raw or baked. EatPastry notes on its website that its cookie dough is made with heat-treated flour and without eggs, which is what makes the dough safe to consume in raw form.

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In the Reddit thread, multiple users shared their excitement about this recent product sighting.

“Is this a tub of cookie dough you just eat raw with a spoon? We have hit peak Costco,” one person wrote.

“Yes and it is glorious,” another one responded.

While one Reddit user questioned the cookie dough’s hype, highlighting the lack of real butter, a couple of Redditors vouched for the product’s deliciousness.

“It tastes incredible. Try it out,” one shopper commented. Similarly, another Reddit user noted, “Possibly the only vegan alternative that I think tastes nearly identical to the real thing.”

EatPastry’s products are made with soy-free Earth Balance, a dairy-free butter substitute.

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Aside from chocolate chip, EatPastry sells other cookie dough flavors, including Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. The brand also sells gluten-free cookie dough, protein cookie dough bites, and single-serving Cookie Dough Core cups. These cups feature individual portions of cookie dough filled with a core of fudge or salted caramel.

Shoppers can purchase these items on EatPastry’s website or check nearby retailers selling them.

EatPastry’s ready-to-eat cookie dough isn’t the only cookie product drawing attention from Costco shoppers lately. The warehouse club recently introduced Almond Florentine Cookies at the bakery. Available for $8.99, the new sweet treat is drizzled with dark chocolate and packaged in 16-count containers.

Venturing outside of the bakery, shoppers also recently spotted Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies on Costco’s food court menu, replacing the warehouse club’s churro. Priced at $2.49 each, the cookies are served warm and made with both bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate chocolate chunks.


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