Details About The Newest Predator Film


Apart from Dan Trachtenberg, Patrick Aison, and the Predator, there’s one more crucial component in the “Prey” mix: Amber Midthunder, who plays Naru, the Comanche warrior fighting a virtually hopeless battle against the alien hunter. As such, “Prey” fans will no doubt be interested in her involvement in the franchise’s future.

In most franchises, Midthunder would have a lock on a “Prey” sequel, at the very least, but it’s worth noting that the “Predator” movies are notoriously light on returning protagonists. In fact, if Naru returns for another round against the alien, it would mark the very first time in the franchise’s history that an actor reprises their role.

Of course, there’s one potential way to bring back Midthunder while staying faithful to franchise tradition: Since “Badlands” takes place in a different era, there’s always the option to cast her as Naru’s far-future descendant. Whether this will happen or not obviously remains to be seen, but it would be a fun way for the “Predator” series to have its cake and eat it too.


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