Diablo Cody Wants to Write a JENNIFER’S BODY Sequel


After screenwriter Diablo Cody won the Oscar for her work on Juno, it surprised many when her next film was a feminist, supernatural horror film starring Megan Fox called Jennifer’s Body. Although a box office bomb upon release, it’s now a true cult classic. And according to Cody, it’s definitely a movie she’d like to see a sequel to. While promoting her upcoming film Lisa Frankenstein, directed by Zelda Williams, she told Bloody-Disgusting that she really wants to make a Jennifer’s Body follow-up. Here’s what she had to say:

YES! I wanna do a sequel. I am not done with Jennifer’s Body. I just need to find… I need to partner with people who believe it in as much as I do and that hasn’t really happened yet. I need someone to believe in it who has a billion dollars.”

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As with most cult films, critics mostly eviscerated it upon release. But over the last 15 years, the audience for Jennifer’s Body has only grown and grown. These days, Cody says, “At first, I was excited about it obviously, but I was also a little bit salty. Because I remember thinking, well where was this audience when the movie came out? It was a critical, commercial failure. I was pretty humiliated to be perfectly honest with you. It was a rough experience having that movie come out. It was rough for me, it was rough for Megan [Fox]… [then] people started suddenly talking about it like it was a good movie, which I had thought all along.”

Could a Jennifer’s Body sequel actually happen? We don’t see why not, as it now has a built-in audience. Although Cody is following up Lisa Frankenstein with another horror movie first, we hope she gets back to the world of Jennifer’s Body at some point.


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