Diana Ross ‘wants to be surrounded by family’ at Christmas


Diana Ross is eager to surround herself with family over the Christmas holiday.

Diana Ross likes to be surrounded by her family at Christmas

Tracee Ellis Ross, the 51-year-old daughter of the music icon, has revealed that Diana, 79, has a very simple Christmas wish this year.

Tracee told PEOPLE: “All my mom wants is to be around the kids, the grandkids. That’s the thing.”

The ‘Black-ish’ star admitted that her nieces and nephews will actually take centre stage over the festive season.

Tracee – who has sisters Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Chudney Ross, and brothers Evan Ross and Ross Naess – shared: “For my family, the kids are the priority. So I mean, it might as well be FAO Schwarz for Christmas morning. It’s insane.”

Tracee – who also has three step-siblings – has already predicted how Christmas Day will unfold for her family.

She said: “The kids wake up when it’s still dark, and nobody can go downstairs and you start hearing all the feet going around. But gift-giving, I feel like the adults have just become chopped liver. It’s like, ‘Come on, it’s too many of us.’”

Meanwhile, Tracee previously explained that her mom always prioritised her kids over her career.

Diana made it clear than her music career was “never more important than her children”.

Tracee told the Evening Standard newspaper: “It was very clear to me that I was wanted before I got here.

“To my siblings too – and we’re a very bonded group still. That there was a space made in the world that she sort of cleaned off. Her intention was always for us to live our lives from her shoulders.

“My mom’s career was never more important than her children.”

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