Discover Where Your Winter Style Takes You In This Fashion Adventure


No matter how much time you’ve spent curating the ultimate cold-weather wardrobe (from endless hours scouring your favorite fashion sites, to dutifully saving “style inspo” posts on social), you still ask yourself the same thing every time you get ready: What am I going to wear? The never-ending question may be exhausting to some, but for you, it’s an invitation. You’re dreaming up an exclusive style adventure — one only you can take.

Whether you’re craving a night out dancing with friends, or prefer to watch the world go by from a new café’s most scenic table, it all starts with your look. In this interactive fashion adventure, you can embrace winter’s most stylish possibilities below with help from Nike. Choose a vintage-inspired style vibe, or opt for a look that reads ‘modern classic.’ No matter how your style story plays out, you’re the one who gets to write the ending.

Shop Featured Nike Styles:

’90s-Inspired Pop Princess

The Street-Style Aficionado


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