Dylan’s Motives Are Questioned on ‘Couple to Throuple’


The Big Picture

  • Three couples explore polyamory on
    Couple to Throuple
    , searching for the perfect person to join their relationship.
  • The show includes workshops with a relationship expert to strengthen the couples’ connections.
  • Jealousy and accusations add drama to the show, with one single person questioning a couple’s intentions.

Spoiler Warning for episodes 1 – 3 of Couple to Throuple!

Three couples are on the search for the perfect person to join their relationship and become a throuple on Couple to Throuple. They all have varying experiences with polyamory that affect how they make decisions on the reality show. The couples will choose a third to stay with them in a villa at each matching and swap ceremony. They then do workshops to strengthen their relationships with relationship expert Shamyra Howard. In the end, the couples will either leave the show as a throuple, as a couple, or completely single.

The singles on the show stay the same and have the tough job of trying to win not one, but two people over. Of course, jealousy is a major factor. One single person has accused a couple of treating her unfairly. Then there is Becca Calb, who accused Dylan Blair of not being on the series for the right reasons.

Becca Questions Dylan’s Motives on Couple to Throuple

Dylan and Lauren Blair are the only married couple on the show. They’ve been together for seven years, and married for two years. Couple to Throuple isn’t their first experience in trying out a third party. “One year into our marriage we had our first threesome experience and brought us that much closer together,” Dylan explained. “So that was the main reason why we want to see if the polyamory world is for us.” The married couple chose Becca in the first matching ceremony. They were physically attracted to her, but things changed after their first night of hooking up.


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“Since last night it was very intense right off the bat,” Becca said in her interview. “And now something’s definitely off between me and Dylan. Right now, I feel like his brain is so focused on the sexual aspect. He thinks he needs to be very macho and very manly. It’s really hard because I feel the exact opposite about Lauren. I feel like our bond is just continuing to grow.” The singles who weren’t chosen got to eat with the whole cast.

Becca noticed Dylan and Lauren were hitting it off with Mia Phoenix. “Dylan is not here for the right reasons,” she claimed in her interview. “He just wants two hot women on his arms,” she claimed. “But that’s not sexy. There’s nothing cute about that. It’s just like ugh.” Becca eventually packed up her things and slept in a different room.

In episode 3, Dylan admitted he was jealous of Becca and Lauren’s connection. Becca seemed to gain some hope for Dylan because of his honesty. However, the drama with Dylan might not end here. Episode 1 ended with clips from future episodes. “Do we feel like the other throuples in the resort are actually genuine throuples?” Rehman Bhatti asked at a table. The scene then cuts to Dylan and Lauren. So is the married couple on the show continuing their trend of threesomes? Or will they form a romantic connection with a third? We have to wait and see, but there is already one accusation that Dylan might not be there for the right reasons.

Couple to Throuple airs Thursdays. The 10-episode series unfolds in weekly batches of three episodes each, culminating in a season finale set to stream separately. Watch on Peacock


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