Emma Stone & Please Don’t Destroy Warn Against the Horrors of AI


Emma Stone and Please Don’t Destroy are replaced by AI one by one on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

A.I. is becoming more of a problem in the entertainment industry and Please Don’t Destroy took the latest episode of SNL to prove why it should never replace real people. When Emma Stone‘s footage from their sketch was mysteriously corrupted, the boys used A.I. to fill in the gaps, having Punkie Johnson film Stone’s missing lines. Split between Stone’s actual footage, Johnson, and cutting back and forth between bad A.I. and the real Stone, the sketch is a terrifying look into what our future could be if A.I. takes over our movies.

The Please Don’t Destroy sketch was surprisingly fun as it brought various cast members into the mix as the Johnson and Stone bit carried on with Ben Marshall and John Higgins eventually needing to be swapped out for one reason or another. Marshall wanted to go hang out with his high school friends, Higgins just wanted to look better, and Martin Herlihy was the only one to play himself throughout the entire sketch.

Aside from the A.I. plot Herlihy and Stone were there to tell Marshall and Higgins that they were in love with each other, but because of Stone’s footage getting ruined, it meant Johnson and Herlihy were the ones to hook up at the end making for a hilarious odd couple. The uncanny valley situation of cutting from actual people to their A.I. selves is works because it looks so completely ridiculous.

A.I. Should Never Replace a Real Person

Emma Stone wearing a red flannel on SNL during the Please Don't Destroy sketch
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A.I. protections are one of the major points that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA unions fought for during the dual strike this summer and it’s a very real threat to the industry. While the Please Don’t Destroy sketch was hardly perfect it was nice to see the comedy trio making a point that A.I. is an absolutely terrible replacement for real people. With Stone joining the Five-Timers Club this week, switching between her and Johnson created a hilarious case of the uncanny valley as the two couldn’t be more opposite.

Stone hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Noah Kahan and you can watch the Please Don’t Destroy sketch below. The full episode is available to stream on Peacock.

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