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Actor Laurence Fox Loses High Court Libel Case

Laurence Fox has lost a High Court libel case with two people he called paedophiles on social media.
In the High Court libel case, Laurence Fox lost his legal battle against Simon Blake and Crystal over his use of the term “paedophile” on social media.
Inspector Lewis star Lawrence Fox was once credited for being one of the UKs best actors. However, in recent years his acting career has been overshadowed by his erratic behaviour.
Today, Laurence Fox has lost his High Court libel case against two individuals he referred to as paedophiles on social media.
The lawsuit was brought by former Stonewall trustee Simon Blake and drag artist Crystal, following a heated exchange on Twitter in October 2020.
The dispute arose over Sainsbury’s decision to provide a safe space for black employees during Black History Month, with Lawrence Fox calling for a boycott of the supermarket, accusing it of promoting racial segregation and discrimination.
Simon Blake and Crystal, who were both involved in LGBTQ+ activism, responded to Fox’s tweet, accusing him of racism. In retaliation, Fox referred to Blake and Crystal, as well as actor Nicola Thorp, as “paedophiles” in a subsequent tweet. These serious allegations led to a legal battle between the parties involved.
The libel case brought by Simon Blake and Crystal against Laurence Fox centred around his use of the term “paedophile” to describe them on social media.
The High Court, presided over by Mrs. Justice Collins Rice, deemed Fox’s labelling of the two men as “seriously harmful, defamatory, and baseless.”
She stated that…


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