Extreme Weight Loss’ Kim Williams Mourns Brandi Mallory’s Death


As for what motivated her to turn to a healthier lifestyle? Brandi—who initially auditioned for The Biggest Loser—said a fatal heart attack that took the life of a sorority sister in 2012 was the catalyst for change.

“That scared me,” she told the outlet. “When my sorority sister passed, I started to live in fear about when my time would come.”

Amid news of Brandi’s passing, her sorority sister, fitness coach Jasmin Murphy, took to social media to pay her respects and described the Georgia native as a “remarkable individual whose life and legacy touched so many.”

“I am deeply honored to have been able to call you a friend,” she wrote. “Brandi was a shining light in the plus size beauty and fitness industry, a beacon of positivity, transformation, and genuine human connection. Brandi’s passing leaves a void in our hearts, but her spirit, teachings, and the memories we shared will continue to inspire and guide us.”


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