Fendi x POKÉMON Collaboration Rightfully Celebrates Dragonite with Expensive Collection


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt Dragonite was the best Pokémon of all. There is just something about the 149th Pokémon that feels endlessly endearing. And I strongly associate this gentle giant with its shiny Pokémon card, which features the creature on a shimmering rainbow background. Maybe that’s why I feel it only makes sense that Fendi has elected to feature Dragonite, Dragonair, and Dratini (the Dragonite evolutionary line) in its luxury collaboration with Pokémon and FRGMT. Normally, I would feel totally floored by an $850 t-shirt. But since it celebrates Dragonite, I understand just a little bit more. (Not that much, though.) Let’s take a look at what this Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon collaboration has to offer Pokémon Masters with deep pockets.


The Fendi x FRGMT Pokémon Collection Celebrates Dragonite

As mentioned, the Fendi x FRGMT Pokémon collection is all Dragonite all the time. (Except when it’s Dratini or Dragonair.) The official description of the line reads, “Hiroshi Fujiwara’s FRGMT plays with Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite to transform the Maison’s signatures and icons into mini pop monuments.”

That’s right, these aren’t just shirts and bags; they are mini pop monuments. But once again, it all comes back to Dragonite, of all Pokémon, deserving this love from Fendi. No Pokémon is as elegant and thus appropriate for luxury monuments. Dratini and Dragonair are also exceptional. The collection also notes that its items “celebrate the Year of the Dragon,” which makes a lot of sense.

What Is in the Fendi x FRGMT Pokémon Line, and How Much Do Items Cost?

Ultimately, the collection features bags, t-shirts, jewelry, wallets, a fabric cardholder, and sweaters. You can even get a Dragonite bucket hat and/or umbrella. The most expensive item in the Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon line is the “Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon beaded bag.” How much will that cost you, you ask? Well, this Fendi bag, which features all three Pokémon in question, retails for $9,400. Phew. But all that beading does look incredible.

Meanwhile, the cheapest item in the collection is a Dragonite silk scarf, and that will only cost $240. Nice. In between, you can find a Fendi Pokémon T-shirt, which costs $850, and earrings that end up at $520.

Our Favorite Dragonite-Inspired Bags

We have to admit that we are absolutely obsessed by the adorable Dragonite and Dratini face bags. These Fendi Pokémon bags are so cute that we would buy them right now if we could. But alas, the cheapest versions cost $1,190. Maybe if we finally become the Pokémon World Champion one day.

Fendi Pokemon adorable face bags

Often, nerdy collaboration collections like these sell out pretty quickly. So even though the price tag is high, if these Fendi x Pokémon bags are calling your name, we suggest you throw that Poké Ball as soon as possible.


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