‘Fire Country’ Season 2 – Bode Will Learn to Love Himself


The Big Picture

  • Season 2 of
    Fire Country
    will focus on Bode rediscovering himself and finding what sets him emotionally free.
  • The shortened run of Season 2 allowed for a packed and shocking journey for the characters.
  • Despite Bode’s personal troubles, the new season will still feature thrilling cases handled by CAL Fire.

After keeping fans waiting for a follow-up to the two big events that played out in Bode’s (Max Thieriot) life by the end of Fire Country Season 1, CBS will finally start rolling out the shortened Season 2 of the series on February 16. There’s a lot to unpack in little time, and Thieriot himself – who also co-creates and executive produces the series – talked to TV insider about what fans can expect from the show’s sophomore year, including prison sentences and babies.

In the interview, Thieriot teased that Season 2 will reveal the true Bode, in a sense. Across the episodes of Season 1, we saw a lot of the protagonist’s relationship with everyone else and how that affected him, but we never really saw Bode get some alone time. That, of course, will change with him going back to prison, since he’ll have a lot of reflecting to do. Theriot said:

“Season 1 has so much of him wanting to get out and make amends and earn back the love and respect of his dad and his family and his community and all these people. This season is much more about him wanting to earn that love for himself and find what that other thing is in his life that pushes him, that really sets him free emotionally in a way.

What is that thing that can break him from years of prison and pull him out of being all of a sudden wired into that life and being that type of human really? How does he become himself again? Because even last season, I don’t think we ever saw him being himself.”

Thieriot Talks About Season 2’s 10-Episode Run

Image via CBS

The actor and producer also addressed the shortened run of Season 2. Due to last year’s historic double strike, networks picked up production later than usual and this resulted in seasons with smaller episode counts. Thieriot said that there’s “a lot packed into 10 episodes,” and mentioned that it still allowed the characters to have a “phenomenal” and “shocking” journey.

Of course, we can also expect to have new and thrilling cases handled by CAL Fire across the new slate of episodes. Even though Bode will have his share of problems to deal with away from the fire brigade, his friends will still run into burning buildings on a daily basis. The new season will also feature newcomers Rafael de la Fuente (Dynasty), Tye White (American Auto) and Jason O’Mara (The Man in The High Castle).

CBS premieres Season 2 of Fire Country this Friday, February 16.

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