‘Fire Country’ Season 2 Cast & Character Guide — Who Will Be Returning?


Everyone get to your stations! Fire Country blazes back onto CBS screens for its eagerly awaited Season 2, ushering itself as one of the most anticipated primetime offerings on the network. Drawing from Max Thieriot’s personal encounters with the Northern Californian wildfires, Fire Countryfollows young convict Bode Donovan (Thieriot) in a bid to amend his life and reduce his prison term by joining the prison release firefighting program.

Unbeknownst to him, Bode is stationed in his hometown of Edgetown – where his father banished him five years prior, following the tragic accident involving his sister Riley. Seeing this as a shot of redemption, Donovan returns to Edgetown, determined to reconcile his past while unraveling the mysteries surrounding his sister’s death.

Season 2 of Fire Country officially premieres on CBS on Friday, February 16 at 9 p.m. ET. In the meantime, beloved fans in the U.S. can catch up on Season 1 exclusively on Paramount+ Check out the cast and character guide for Fire Country Season 2.

Fire Country

A young convict joins a firefighting program looking for redemption and a shortened prison sentence. He and other inmates work alongside elite firefighters to extinguish massive blazes across the region.

Release Date
October 7, 2022

Tony Phelan, Joan Rater, Max Thieriot

Main Genre


Max Thieriot

Bode Donovan

Max Thieriot plays Bode Donovan, the once-promising baseball player who fell into substance abuse after his unfortunate injury. Coming out clean and sober from his stint in rehab, Bode gets into a car accident that kills his sister. Consumed by guilt, Bode flees his hometown of Edgewater, California, changes his last name from “Leone” to “Donovan”, and becomes entangled in a life of crime.

After a botched liquor robbery lands Bode behind bars, he sees an opportunity for redemption. Joining the Cal Fire firefighting program, he and fellow inmates aid the Fire Departments in combating the relentless wildfires sweeping the area. But when he finds himself posted in his old hometown of Edgewater for duty, Bode has no other choice but to face the demons of his past.

Thieriot also takes on the roles of creator and executive producer for Fire Country, a series inspired by his own upbringing in the fire-prone regions of Northern California. Before Fire Country, Thieriot starred as Dylan Massett in the drama-thriller series Bates Motel and Navy SEAL Clay Spense in the CBS drama SEAL Team.

Kevin Alejandro

Manny Perez

Kevin Alejandro as Manny Perez in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3
Image via CBS

Kevin Alejandro plays Manny Perez, the fire captain overseeing the Cal Fire program for prison inmates and the father of Gabriela Perez. Like Bode, Manny has faced his own share of run-ins with the law. A turbulent upbringing led him down a path of crime, resulting in jail time following a stolen car crash. However, through the Cal Fire program, Manny found redemption and turned his life around. He now strives to inspire others to follow suit, believing in the program’s potential for transformation.

Alejandro is best known for his role as Detective Daniel Espinoza in the supernatural series Lucifer. He also appeared as Sebastian Blood / Brother Blood in Arrow and starred as Jesus Velazquez in True Blood.

Stephanie Arcila

Gabriela Perez

Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez, in her firefighter gear, in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3
Image via CBS

Stephanie Arcila plays Gabriela Perez, Manny Perez’s daughter, and Jake Crawford’s girlfriend. An accomplished diver, Gabriela represented her country at the Tokyo Olympics. However, the intense pressure preceding the competition took its toll, leading to a less-than-ideal 14th-place finish. Despite this, Edgewater hailed her achievement as if she had won gold, affectionately dubbing her “Edgewater’s Golden Girl.”

While Manny wholeheartedly supports his daughter pursuing a professional diving career and her global success, Gabriela finds it challenging to leave behind Edgewater. Contrary to Manny’s wishes, she becomes drawn to the idea of joining the Cal Fire team, sparking her father’s reluctance.

Arcila’s previous appearances include the film Don’t Breathe 2 and the TV series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

Jordan Calloway

Jake Crawford

Jordan Calloway as Jake Crawford, carrying a person away from a fire, in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2
Image via CBS

Jordan Calloway plays Jake Crawford, Bode’s childhood best friend and a second-generation firefighter stationed in Edgewater. Alongside Eve, Jake bravely battles wildfires in their hometown. Before Riley’s tragic death, Jake and Riley had a short-lived relationship that ended abruptly on her birthday. Despite his charming exterior, Jake harbors deep guilt over the breakup, knowing it contributed to the events leading to the car crash. He continues to grapple with the trauma of the accident, unable to fully move on. Currently, in a relationship with Gabriela, their relationship might go south with Bode’s unexpected return to town.

Calloway took Nickelodeon by storm thanks to his role as Zach Carter-Schwartz on Unfabulous. He’s also played a recurring role in ER and starred as Chuck Clayton in Riverdale.

Jules Latimer

Eve Edwards

Jules Latimer as Eve Edwards, holding a flashlight, in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2
Image via CBS

Jules Latimer plays Everly “Eve” Edwards, a fearless member of the Cal Fire team and the former best friend of Riley Leone. Known for her tenacity in the field, Eve battles wildfires alongside her childhood friend Jake under Vince’s leadership. Despite her tough exterior, Eve struggles to form new connections following Riley’s death. But with Bode’s return to Edgewater, the truth surrounding Riley’s death resurfaces, putting Eve and Jake’s friendship on troubled water.

Latimer previously starred alongside Kate Beckinsale in the dark comedy series Guilty Party, which premiered on Paramount+. Most recently, Latimer played civil rights activist Joyce Ladner in the biographical drama film Rustin.

Billy Burke

Vince Leone

Billy Burke as Vince Leone, in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3 See You Next Apocalypse
Image via CBS

Billy Burke plays Vince Leon, Bode Donovan’s father, who, like his son, is a third-generation firefighter and holds the position of Battalion Chief at Edgewater 1508. Despite being family, Bode and Vince were never on the best terms. Their rocky father-son relationship took a turn for the worse following the tragic death of Vince’s daughter, Riley, for which Vince holds Brad responsible. This incident leads Vince to sever ties with Bode, forbidding him from ever returning to their hometown.

Their separation isn’t permanent. Upon learning of Bode’s return through the Cal Fire program, Vince has no intention of forgiving his son. He also warns his colleagues in the program about Bode’s erratic behavior. However, Vince, like Bode, is forced to confront his own demons. Having kept the truth about disowning their son from his wife, Sharon, he must come clean with her about what actually happened during the fateful accident.

Before this, Burker played Charlie Swan in the sensational Twilight series and also had TV appearances in Revolution and Zoo.

Diane Farr

Sharon Leone

Diane Farr as Sharon Leone in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2
Image via CBS

Diane Farr stars as Sharon Leone, the wife of Brad Leone. After years of service as a firefighter, Sharon was promoted to the role of Cal Fire Division Chief, where she is tasked with overseeing resource allocation to multiple Cal Fire stations. Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, Sharon is intent on spending her remaining time with her husband and son, all while pursuing the career path she loves.

Farr gained prominence for her role as the FBI agent Megan Reeves in the CBS series Numb3rs.


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