Full list of firework displays, and bonfire events cancelled in Lincolnshire

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Lincolnshire Firework Displays That Have Been Cancelled

Here is the current list of the firework displays in Lincolnshire which have been called off due to the bad weather.

Due to the weather, there have been a number of firework and display events in Lincolnshire that have been called off.

While there are still lots of firework displays in Lincolnshire still taking place, we have put together a current list of the ones that have been cancelled.

The organisers of the Lincolnshire firework displays have already spent thousands of pounds, leaving them out of pocket due to the heavy rainfall and bad weather.

One such event which has been called off is the firework display at Bowthorpe Park Farm in Bourne, which was to take place on Saturday.

In a statement published on social media, the group wrote: “The persistent and heavy rain that we have experienced, along with the forecast for continued adverse weather, has left our car park unsuitable for use. Unfortunately, the venue is not accessible on foot, which has left us with no choice but to cancel the event in the interest of safety and accessibility.

“For those who have purchased tickets for the event, we want to assure you that we will be issuing refunds. Please be patient as we work to process these refunds promptly. However, we also want to share with you the significant financial impact this cancellation will have on the charities we support. The estimated loss due to the cancellation of this charity event is in excess of £10,000.

“If you are in a position to help contribute to the costs incurred by the charities, we would greatly appreciate any donations, big or small, of your ticket money to support our charities. Your generosity will go a long way in helping us continue our charity work and future events.”

Another firework displays in Lincolnshire that has been called off is the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirby near Skegness. This popular venue was not only going to have an amazing firework display but also would have seen the Lancaster bomber and DH Mosquito doing taxi runs.

A spokesman said: “Following the first event set up day today we have undertaken another thorough inspection of the show site. We are very sorry to report that in the interests of customer and aircraft safety we have had to take the very hard decision to cancel our Fireworks and night taxy run event on Saturday.

“The rainfall over the last fortnight has meant that the heavy rain we have received today, and what is forecast for Saturday, has taken the car parks and grass landing strip to a condition which would not be safe to use. Customer safety is our main concern, and the condition of the car parks means that we could not ensure the safety of vehicles and customers entering and leaving the site.

Witham St Hughes has had their firework display cancelled due to health and safety issues. They have paid more than £6000 for the fireworks.

Caistor and District Lions’ event in South Street Park has been cancelled.

They said: “Following last month’s heavy rainfall, the ground is already waterlogged in both the park and at the CYA sports ground. With further heavy rain forecast in the coming days, we’re not confident that we can deliver this year’s event to the same high standards of safety and organisation that you’ve come to expect from us over the years.”

It is hoped that no more firework displays in Lincolnshire are affected. If you have a firework display that has been cancelled in Lincolnshire, including Skegness, Lincoln, Grimsby, Boston, then please do contact us at [email protected]


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