Funko’s Personalized Pop! Yourself Toys Are Now Available Online


These days, it feels like Funko has a Pop! vinyl figure for every movie, TV show, musician and athlete on the planet. So isn't it about time they got around to making one of you? Well, that's exactly what they're about to do. Announced at the Licensing Expo Summit in Las Vegas, road The Hollywood Reporter, we've learned that Funko is introducing the Pop! You initiative, which allows fans to Pop! toys using their own likeness. Until now, this only existed at the two Funko stores in Everett, Washington and Hollywood. But now, is officially available online, allowing everyone to have a Pop! finally figure of themselves.

Here's how you can explode! Yourself through Funko's online website

The announcement was made in part as a way to celebrate Funko's 25th anniversary. According to Dave Bere, Funko's vice president of marketing, “It's been the number one item in our retail stores for the past two years and represents 20 percent of our in-store sales year-to-date. It's clear that our fans love the POP! Offering yourselves, that's why we're excited to bring it to the mass market.” Part of the fun of this new version of Pop! You yourself are that the company will team up with certain licensors, so you could theoretically become a superhero, animated character, or other beloved pop culture figure.

An example of Funko's Pop!  Do-it-yourself initiative where fans create a vinyl toy of themselves.

Even more fun, this custom octopus! The vinyl may have interchangeable parts based on different IPs that the brand has licensed. So let's say one of them is Marvel and one is War of the galaxies (in theory, we don't know what IP Funko licenses for this). But you could have Captain America's shield in one hand and Darth Vader's lightsaber in the other Maybe while wearing a t-shirt featuring your favorite musical act. How cool would that be? Right now, it seems only War of the galaxies Accessories are available, but this initiative has just launched online. However, you can add a cute cat or dog.

New 2-packs are here for Funko's Pop! Line of personalized figures

Now you can Pop! You and a friend at the same time. Funko is adding a 2-pack option to their Pop! Align yourself for double the customization fun. It's the perfect gift for you and a sibling, you and a significant other, you and an archrival, and any other significant duo in your life.

How much does it cost to explode! Yourself?

So if you want to become a Funko, go to The program will also continue in person at Funko Hollywood and Funko Everett. The custom Funko you get when you Pop! You yourself retail for $30. Meanwhile, a 2-pack will cost $60.

Originally published on June 22, 2023.


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