Get Briefed on Meghan Markle & Abigail Spencer’s Suits Reunion


10. Despite fans' wishes, pairing managing partner Harvey with Rafferty's Donna wasn't a foregone conclusion in creator Korsh's mind. “When I wrote the pilot, I wasn't like, 'Harvey and Donna are meant to be together,' or even like, 'Are they going to be big, are they going to make it or not?'” But we definitely went. through this with Mike and Rachel,” she confessed to US. “We keep them together, and what do we do about it?”

But yes, he took note of #Darvey shippers on social media, saying they “are stronger than the percentage that aren't” and feel “they represent 240 percent of viewers.” Eventually, he relented, ending the series with the couple's spontaneous wedding.

11. As for Macht and Rafferty IRL, “we go back 20 years and our daughters are best friends,” the actor revealed in a 2012 interview with explosion 16 year old magazine satin (he and the woman Jacinda Barrett they are also parents Luke9) and 15 years Oona (Rafferty and husband Santtu Seppälä they also have a daughter iris, 11). “We're very, very, very close friends. We've been to each other's weddings.”


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