Hania Rani’s Tiny Desk Performance

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NPRHania Rani: Tiny Desk Concert

Has someone at NPR been reading my posts and reviews of the wonderful Polish singer, keyboard sensation and performer Hania Rani? Could be.

This week Hania Rani turned up on NPR’s Tiny Desk stage to perform three songs, accompanied by upright bassist and synth player Ziemowit Klimek, as she was on her recent US tour dates.

Rani opened with Ghosts, the title song from her new album 0n Gondwana Records, which features her soft yet lilting English-language vocals, in which she is becoming more and more confident, as this performance demonstrates.

This was followed by the instrumental piece Moans, which went straight into Don’t Break My Heart, also from Ghosts, a song that combines piano and electronica and is almost a pop tune — or certainly one that can be performed on stages in clubs large and small.

When I first discovered Rani through her performances posted on YouTube, I had a vision of her one day playing to large crowds filled with fans from all over the world.

If Rani has now made a Tiny Desk appearance, that day is getting closer!


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