How Golden Bachelor Gerry & Theresa Will Honor Late Spouses at Wedding


As Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist embark on their journey to forever as husband and wife, they’ll be remembering the ones who are forever in their hearts.

Which is why The Golden Bachelor couple want to honor their late spouses Toni and Billy at their upcoming nuptials. 

“We will definitely mention them during the wedding,” Theresa told E! News in an exclusive interview. “I know that I picked out a song that Billy loved, and so maybe we’ll pick out a song for Toni. We have yet to write our vows, but I plan on incorporating that into my vows. So, we’ll see. And we’ll be thinking about them the entire day.”

But while they’re still holding on to that feelin’ of being in decades-long unions, Theresa, 70, and Gerry, 72, admit they’re both in a different place in life than when they each wed their high school sweethearts in 1972. As a result, tying the knot this time around holds a new meaning for the pair.


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