How Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Took Their Love Off the Radar


Meanwhile, she was gradually getting used to Shelton’s more rural comfort zone.

“You’ve turned into a proper farm girl now, you really have,” Chelsea Handler teased Stefani when the singer appeared on her Netflix show.

“My nature growing up was Orange County, the beach, that was our nature,” the SoCal native mused. “That was it, you know. And that was beautiful, incredible. But to be able to experience middle of America and the gorgeous Oklahoma—it is very beautiful there…I actually wrote a Christmas song while I was there.”

“What a coincidence,” Handler cracked.

“I love going there because I feel like it’s so… I get to do nothing, and I never get that here in L.A.,” Stefani said. Asked if it was a bit of a culture shock the first time she went, she quipped, “Blake is a culture shock.”

But she doesn’t mind being off the grid with him.

Read on for the sweetest things Shelton and Stefani have said about each other through the years:


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