How ‘Lisa Frankenstein’s Director Honored Her Father Robin Williams


The Big Picture

  • Lisa Frankenstein
    is a unique romantic twist on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, packed with horror movie references and a loving tribute to Robin Williams.
  • The film is all about the undying quality of love, resurrection, and the fears surrounding death, making it emotionally powerful.
  • Lisa Frankenstein
    is a must-watch horror comedy that blends dark macabre and zany humor with unapologetic joy, and it’s perfect for horror fans looking for a Valentine’s Day date.

This past weekend, genre fans were treated to a unique romantic twist on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in Lisa Frankenstein. It was an endlessly outrageous coming-of-age horror zom-com jam packed with a ton of horror movie references, but the spooky genre wasn’t the only thing to get some love in the film. Director Zelda Williams recently revealed that one of Lisa Frankenstein’s costumes pays tribute to her father, Robin Williams, which is sure to have movie fans break out a box of tissues.

In an interview with The Wrap breaking down the film’s Easter Eggs, Williams revealed one of the many references that fans hadn’t discovered yet. The suit that Cole Sprouse’s Creature wears in the final scene of Lisa Frankenstein is a loving homage to her father. “He’s wearing rainbow suspenders,” Williams happily divulged. “I just wanted a moment, in a world where death isn’t permanent, to honor pops. So it was funny because I’m like ‘Wow, no one’s seen it,’ but I love that too. It’s so subtle.”

This was a costume piece commonly worn by Robin Williams in his breakout role on the TV series Mork & Mindy. Lisa Frankenstein was already a special film because of what it represented to specific groups of underrepresented personalities, but hearing these comments will warm anyone’s morbid heart. This adaptation, which was heavily inspired by The Bride of Frankenstein and the works of actor Gene Wilder, is all about the undying quality of love, resurrection, and the fears surrounding the concept of death. This emotional connection only makes the corky happy ever after that much more perfect. While it’s been over a decade since Robin Williams tragically passed away, his presence is still being felt throughout the industry. Film, like love, is eternal. His classics, like Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, and Good Will Hunting are just as relevant as they were when Robin was constantly finding new ways to make us feel whole again and laugh our problems away. At its electric core, that’s exactly what Lisa Frankenstein is about.

The Coming-of-Rage Story we Need

While Lisa Frankenstein made a small box office return in its opening weekend, from beginning to end, this is a must-watch horror comedy that’ll make even the most bleak lovesick puppies gush with romantic hope. Whether it’s Diablo Cody’s screenplay that blends dark macabre and zany humor with unapologetic joy, Williams’ creatively euphoric and gothic visuals, or the all-star ensemble, this film is a killer genre triple treat. Kathryn Newton owns the role of Lisa with such scary confidence that it’ll make the most repressed introvert glow because they’ll feel seen. This twisted black rose of a feel-good story is all about a person reclaiming their power from the depressing world. It’s rediscovering the beauty of life, while Sprouse’s pitch-perfect creature is a beautiful reminder that, even with a blood-soaked body count, there’s nothing better than watching someone find out what or who they love. The tone of the film isn’t for everyone, but if you love horror as complex as its characters, setting and directions, there’s no better Valentine’s Day date than Lisa Frankenstein.

Lisa Frankenstein is Slaying in Theaters

Lisa Frankenstein tickets can be bought on Fandango’s website as you prepare for the ultimate horror Easter Egg hunt. You can also watch the film’s neon-soaked trailer below and read Williams’ entire Easter Egg-filled interview on Wrap’s website.


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