How One Performer Takes On Two Simultaneous Shows

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There are multitaskers and then there’s Syrena. The singer, bellydancer, and specialty artist concurrently performing in two sultry, luxurious shows: Cocktail Magique and Queen of Hearts. She mixes belly dancing, singing, close-up card tricks and burlesque.

Both out-of-the-box productions from Company XIV blend a unique mosaic of burlesque, baroque dance, opera. Add that to creative craft cocktails, elaborate multifaceted costumes and a theater bursting with candelabras and chandeliers that feels like Versailles has been transported to Bushwick, Brooklyn.

In fact on Saturdays things are extra busy as Syrena performs in the 3pm Cocktail Magique matinee. That is followed by 8pm shows in both Cocktail Magique and Queen of Hearts. She performs in Act I of Cocktail Magique then dashes across the street to be in Act II at Queen of Hearts. After the Queen of Hearts curtain call and bows, she runs back to for curtain call at Cocktail Magique.

With her belly dance performances rooted in Egyptian, Lebanese, Moroccan, and American cabaret styles that she learned from her mother, Syrena also finds her bliss showcasing a variety of her skills.”Since the company style lends itself well to multi-hyphenate performers I get to sing, dance and do close up magic tricks full time, thanks to Cocktail Magique,” she says.

“They are things I love to do regardless of work so it’s a bonus when they align. I also love to be in two different casts surrounded by such talented, smart, and kind people. I learn so much by watching rehearsals and chatting backstage, and have made wonderful friends.”

In this slideshow Syrena shares her three show day.

Gallery: This Performer Toggles Between Two Simultaneous Shows

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