How Suni Lee & Simone Biles Support Each Other Ahead of 2024 Olympics


Sharing her experience has also helped Suni when it comes to battling eczema. And recently, the 21-year-old partnered with Eli Lilly and Company, Team USA's health equity sponsor, to help others with the same diagnosis feel less alone.

“I feel like it started off really hard because I always felt so insecure and, I guess, embarrassed to say I had eczema or even show the symptoms,” Suni said. “I know when I had a breakout and it was really noticeable, I always tried to cover it up with my makeup, which ended up making it worse. So it didn't help in the end. But I think being able to talk about it and also associate with Lilly it's been such an amazing thing for me mentally because I feel so much more confident in my own skin and now I can just embrace it.”

“I think that's the message I want to send to the younger generations,” he continued, “because when I was younger, I don't think a lot of people talked about it. So to be someone that other people can do. It's kind of admirable. great feeling all around.”

And whether the three-time Olympic medalist adds more hardware to her trophy shelf or not, she's proud of how far she's come.

“I think he would give me a medal for not giving up,” Suni said. “I mean, there have been so many things that I could have given up on and so many things that have happened where I could have put that aside and moved on with my life. But I wanted better for myself and I also wanted to be able to walk away from these Olympic Games or this quad knowing that I gave everything I had and didn't regret anything.”

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