How Taylor Lautner Feels About Valentine’s Day 14 Years Later


Valentine’s Day is definitely one holiday Taylor Lautner will never forget.

That’s because the actor—who will, of course, celebrate Feb. 14 with his wife Tay Lautner—was also in the star-studded movie based on the romantic occasion.

“Honestly, just being able to work with that entire cast was insane,” Taylor, who portrayed Willy in 2010’s Valentine’s Day, told E! News in a joint interview with Tay. “I look back and I forget everybody that was in that movie. The list goes on and on.”

Indeed, the film had a jaw-dropping lineup of A-listers, including Julia RobertsAnne Hathaway and Taylor Swift.

“It’s one of the most impressive casts I think in any movie ever,” the 32-year-old said. “So it was just an honor to be included with many of those other actors.”

And if he happens to stumble upon the film this month, he wouldn’t mind giving it a re-watch.

“That’s a movie that’s just always on TV,” he noted. “It really, it sticks around. It’s hard to avoid it but it’s a goodie. I’m pretty proud of that one.”


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