How Travis Kelce’s Dad Really Feels About Taylor Swift


When Ed Kelce sat down with Entertainment Tonight, in October 2023, he also noted that he loves how supportive Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are of each other’s careers. Ed explained that both of them truly took off in 2023, but the celebrity couple somehow managed to maintain a strong relationship despite work pressures because they each understood the other’s drive and passion for their craft. Travis and Swift’s relationship began shortly after he walked into Arrowhead Stadium in July 2023, armed with a friendship bracelet with his number on it. 

Sadly, the “Shake It Off” singer refused to see him because she made a point of not talking to anyone before or after her “Eras” shows to preserve her voice. While that might’ve been a little heartbreaking for Travis at the time, Ed believed it showed an unyielding dedication to her career. He told the outlet that his son understood her decision, too, because the pro-athlete shares the same values: “And I think she realizes how committed Travis is to sleep, 10 hours a day when your body is going through this kind of thing. So I think they’re both very supportive.” 

Ed also gushed, “I think they’re a wonderful couple,” and he would be happy if the relationship got more serious but was equally stoked about the bond they currently shared. Although Ed isn’t usually one to give his sons dating advice, he tried his best to ensure they would be honest with their partners and treat them with respect.

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