“I Believed Her to A Point Until….” – Daddy Freeze Weighs in Emeka Ike And Ex-Wife Marriage Crisis


Daddy Freeze, a popular media personality, explains why he began to disbelieve Emeka Ike’s wife’s account of her bad experience at the hands of her actor husband.

The Emeka Ike Family Saga has been going on for a while now, and the actor, his wife, and their son, Michael Ike, have all stepped out to provide their own perspectives on the alleged domestic violence that has been going on in their house.

Listening to Emeka Ike’s wife, Suzanne Emma, narrate her version of the abuse, socialite Daddy Freeze was nearly inclined to believe her because of how soft she talked.

He said that his previous experience with divorce reminded him of how misleading it can be to assume that the gentle one is innocent.

Daddy Freeze recalled how his ex-had made different false claims in a court document just to make herself seem like the innocent party.

He emphasized that the current saga is something that has to be clearly discussed in order to establish who truly is at fault.

Watch him speak …


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