Influencer Cara Hodgson Hospitalized After Being Electrocuted


Dr. Cara Hodgson is recovering from a “freak accident.”

The influencer revealed she was electrocuted by power lines during a family vacation to Thailand in December.

“It’s been the worst 10 days of my life,” she explained in a Jan. 1 post on Instagram. “Going in and out of hospitals fighting to regain my strength and fighting for my life. I am so lucky to be here today.”

The experience left Cara with a new perspective on life.

“In the blink of an eye it could all be taken away,” the orthodontist reflected. “Lucky to be here, 2024. Life is so precious. One second you have it, and the next second it can be taken away from you just like that.”

She also expressed gratitude to loved ones supporting her amid her recovery, citing them as the source of her strength.

“Each text and message, even when I was too weak to answer,” she acknowledged, “made all the difference to keep me fighting when I was losing hope.”


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