Is E.T. A Jedi Knight? A Star Wars Theory Explained


Both Yoda’s cameo in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and E.T.’s species showing up in “The Phantom Menace” birthed some vivid fan theories. In reality, both moments represent George Lucas and Steven Spielberg paying homage to one another’s work, as both filmmakers are famously close friends and colleagues. But while their movies have little to do with one another, expanded media has since created some further connections. 

“Cloak of Deception,” the 2001 prequel novel to “The Phantom Menace,” gave an official name to E.T.’s species, dubbing them Asogians. The name originated from the 1985 “E.T.” sequel novel “E.T., the Book of the Green Planet” where it is explained that the alien came from the planet Brodo Asogi, a name that sounds right at home in the realm of “Star Wars.”  On top of this, “Deception” also reveals that the Asogians’ lead senator present in “The Phantom Menace” scene is named Greblieps, which is the name “Spielberg” spelled in reverse. The in-universe news agency HoloNet News elaborated on Greblieps’ exploits, explaining that he sent out E.T. on an extra-galactic voyage. He was also arrested by Imperial Intelligence for trying to aid the Jedi at one point. 

Since “Star Wars” was acquired by Disney in 2012, this lore has not been considered canon, joining other expanded media material as part of the “Star Wars Legends” brand. Despite this, Greblieps was name-dropped in a 2019 episode of the behind-the-scenes YouTube series “The Star Wars Show.” 


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