January 2024 Horoscope: What the Stars Will Bring

January 2024 Horoscope: What the Stars Will Bring


Welcome to the wild world of 2024, a year when evolutionary—even revolutionary—seeds of change begin to take root in our lives. (You can read your full 2024 horoscope here.) If the cosmos has its way, it’s going to be a ride, but your January horoscope could make this month one of the least problematic and most productive of 2024. Seizing that momentum straight out of the gate is a smart strategy.

Hitting our stride may feel possible because Mercury retrograde ends right on New Year’s Day, almost daring us to dive into new goals or resolutions. This happens just a few days after Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, also stations direct, further uplifting the vibe, especially where love and money are concerned.

Yet even if this sounds super promising on paper, it takes Mercury a couple weeks to exit its retro-shade phase, which is the time during which the planet transits the same degrees of a sign in which it was just retrograde. Translation: Things can stay wonky for a bit, so no matter how hyped you are to get your 2024 success story started, you may have to slow your roll a bit.

Speaking of ambitions: The sun is in Capricorn until January 20, action-planet Mars joins the party on January 4, Mercury re-enters Capricorn on January 13, and finally, love-planet Venus enters Capricorn on January 23. We are far from short on determination this Capricorn season.

Speaking of ambitions: The sun is in Capricorn until January 20, action-planet Mars joins the party on January 4, Mercury re-enters Capricorn on January 13, and finally, love-planet Venus enters Capricorn on January 23.

The new moon is also at 20 degrees of Capricorn on January 11, offering an opportunity to create yet more opportunities; whatever it is that you want to build during the next six months, this is the moment to lay down some bricks. On January 25, the full moon in Leo brings drama, heart-attunement, and hopefully, plenty of self-love.

Just a few days beforehand, however, the sun enters Aquarius, kicking off Aquarius season on January 20, while forming a conjunction with powerful Pluto. This meet-up in the innovative air sign gives us a major brain boost that we can use to fuel our wildest ideas, as if we’re scientists co-creating a better future for our communities. A radical resurgence is possible for all of us in 2024, and we’re all in it together.

To get a clearer idea of what you can expect this month, read on for your January 2024 horoscope. (Note: You’ll want to read for both your sun sign and your rising sign, the latter of which determines the order of the astrological houses in your chart.)

January 2024 horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

The pervasive exhaustion you’ve endured over the last few months may evaporate as 2024 begins, Aries. Mercury stations direct in the adventure house of your chart on New Year’s Day, and with expansive Jupiter receiving a big assist from your planetary ruler Mars at mid-month, you’re all about hustling and hurrying.

Even if you choose to keep your nose to the grindstone during the first three weeks of January, your social life screams for attention after January 20, with Pluto moving into your friendship realm. Don’t neglect your besties and your broader network; bonding with and building your community will be a theme for most of the year.

Career and money:

You may feel progressively more secure as the month goes on, once mighty Mars enters Capricorn on January 4. This is the passion planet’s happy place, granting you six weeks of productivity and success. Focus on igniting your professional prowess and showing it off around the new moon on January 11, and give yourself a six-month window to realize your loftiest goals.

Love and relationships:

With love-planet Venus in Sagittarius (and your ninth house of exploration) until January 23, your love life is on fire, if only you’d stop working for a hot minute. You may embrace new ideas about what it means to be in a relationship, leaning heavily into adventure, openness, and spiritual alignment with lover(s).

When Venus squares elusive Neptune on January 19, a conception you hold of a relationship could turn out to be delulu. Prepare to slip off the rose-colored glasses and see your partnerships as they really are. The full moon in Leo explodes in your seventh house of love on January 25, bringing the potential for dramatic romantic reveals.


Aligning your desires and ambitions feels possible this January, Taurus. Not only is jolly Jupiter moving direct in your sign as the month begins, but the sun, Mars, Mercury, and your planetary ruler Venus all move through your sister sign Capricorn over the course of the month. That means a whole lotta love in this January 2024 horoscope for Earth signs like yours, which is another way of saying you are exactly in your element.

The new moon on January 11 is ideal for setting intentions for travel during the next six months, or any mind-opening adventure you feel ready to take. After the sun and Pluto enter the status sector of your chart on January 20, you may also pursue more professional accolades.

Career and money:

Juicy Jupiterian energy fills your cup this month. The lucky planet has been retrograde in your sign for the last five months, and now that it’s coursing forward, you get to choose your creative path—and it’s likely to be quite lucrative.

With your planetary ruler Venus in your house of transformation and debt, you get a sweet boost: Perhaps a friend will finally send you the cash they’ve owed you since last year. After the sun and powerful Pluto slip into your professional zone on January 20, you may feel strong about pushing your career in the direction that your soul is guiding it. You don’t usually love risk, but this month (and the year ahead) puts you in a position to take calculated ones.

Love and relationships: 

Your planetary ruler Venus blesses you with two mushy-gushy days for romance: January 19 and January 23. Sex and desire are lit up for most of the month with the love planet in a fiery corner of the cosmos, highlighting deep emotional intimacy. There’s a “Let’s face our fears together” vibe to this astrology, and it is meaningful for both long-term relationships and those in the honeymoon phase.


You’re rarely at a loss for words, Gemini, but with your planetary ruler Mercury retrograde for most of December, you may have found yourself strangely silent. By January, however, the communication planet has its mojo back, and you’re starting to feel much more like your chatty, charming self.

At the same time, with a plethora of planets pinging between your relationship and sexuality zones, you may find yourself overanalyzing the concept of love. After the sun and Pluto enter your fellow air sign Aquarius on January 20, you could veer toward intellectualizing your emotions even further; experiencing embodiment will be essential.

On January 25, the full moon falls in your communication realm, which could be jarring—you’d do well to temper your conversations and social media posts.

Career and money: 

2024 marks the last year that Saturn and Neptune will stymie your professional plans, and that’s a major relief. Your dreams are growing bigger and clearer as you release old ideas about yourself and your capabilities. With the sun and Mars moving through the transformation house of your chart, it’s easier to see where legacies that don’t belong to you may have held you back in the past. Your family or cultural values around money don’t have to define the way you pursue your passions. When your ruler Mercury joins with Mars on January 27, you may be able to articulate this clearly, paving the way for your distinct vision of success.

Love and relationships: 

January begins with the romance planet Venus in your relationship zone. This is perhaps the finest month of the year for your love life, as Venus will aid you in the realm of dating, mating, and relating through January 23. Once Mars moves into Capricorn on January 4, you’re less likely to argue with a lover, so hold off on the sassy clapbacks that you wielded in late 2023, and lean into a deeper love.


You’re all about relationships in January, Cancer, but work might steal your attention here and there. Partnership problems, especially unhealthy communication patterns that go back to mid-December, should begin to resolve as soon as the month begins. On January 11, you can use the new moon in the relationship house of your chart to set intentions to heal, mend, repair, and grow a current liaison, or if you’re single and searching, to manifest the perfect pairing.

The full moon lands in your money zone on January 25, making space for you to release unhelpful financial habits and position yourself for an influx of cash in 2024. It’s all about nursing your nest egg while finding ways to give yourself little treats.

Career and money: 

Existing business partnerships could be a focus this month. It’s a mixed bag because even though Mercury is now direct, hot-tempered Mars enters your relationship zone on January 4, potentially making you defensive and moody with coworkers. Yet with Venus entering this part of your chart on January 23, you should be able to repair any ruptures you inadvertently create early in the month.

After the sun and Pluto enter your house of transformation and debt on January 20, you may find yourself compulsively thinking about what you owe or are owed. Maybe just ask for it out loud.

Love and relationships: 

Partnership is at the white-hot center of your January 2024 horoscope. With the sun, Mars, and Mercury darting in and out of your relationship zone and Venus landing there on January 23, you’re contemplating the meaning of the “other” in your life. The planets are asking you what you really, truly want from your most important relationship(s)—ask yourself this question on the new moon, and set intentions for your partnerships for the next six months.


As January opens, the daily grind has you in its grips, Leo. With the sun and Mars charging through the work sector of your chart after January 4, your schedule is living rent-free in your head. Filling your calendar with anti-stress breaks instead of extra side hustles is a wise strategy, especially during the first three weeks of the month.

After the sun and Pluto push into your relationship zone on January 20, you’ll feel a massive vibe shift around love, partnership, and karmic connections. A full moon in your very own dramatic sign brings an emotional release a few days later, allowing you to let it all go.

Career and money: 

Your creativity is soaring this month, and that’s where the money is. Taskmaster Saturn remains in your house of debt, so you may be inclined to relentlessly work your butt off. Yet with Venus in your house of art and pleasure through January 23, you can also birth dream projects into being… if you create the space for them. Your agenda is probably full of mundane to-dos, but you don’t have to be crushed by these. One of the absolute best career days of the month, if not the year, arrives on January 28 when Venus in your work zone high-fives Jupiter in your house of professional prowess.

Love and relationships: 

January brings a cosmic double-whammy for your love life. Not only is your fifth house of love and pleasure (what I call “the Tinder house”) blessed by romantic Venus through January 23, but the sun and transformative Pluto add a layer of deep intensity to your relationship zone starting on January 20. Dating could feel extra flirty and fun, while LTRs get a dose of new relationship energy; a deeper dive into the psychological shadows that underlie your connection with your S.O. may be worth exploring.


January reminds you that you live your best life when you know that the Earth is not moving under your feet, Virgo. With your planetary ruler Mercury stationing direct on January 1 and the sun in your fellow Earth sign Capricorn through January 20, life, love, and work should feel a lot more secure than they did in December.

The new moon in Capricorn is erotically stirring and intellectually stimulating as it lands in your pleasure and creativity zone on January 11, just a day before Mars trines (read: forms a positive aspect with) lucky Jupiter. If your holiday plans were dashed by the retrograde, you might want to reschedule a vacay (or staycay) for this week. Things get a little murkier at the full moon on January 25, which falls in your dream zone; this can cause exhaustion and insomnia, so don’t overdo it at the end of the month.

Career and money: 

The new moon and Mars-Jupiter trine fall on January 11 and 12, respectively, bringing you so much auspicious energy that you’ll hardly know what to do with it. Mercury re-enters your creativity zone on January 13, making this an excellent time to go back to a professional project that you back-burnered in early December.

Your work life and daily schedule tend to sequester a good deal of your focus, but after the sun and intense Pluto move into your scheduling sector on January 20, you could become overly concerned with both. De-stressing on the daily (maybe hourly) is crucial, but you may just crack the code of the perfect routine in the next few years. Honoring your mind-body connection is probably the key to it all.

Love and relationships: 

Your love life is where it’s at this month, Virgo. The sun and passion planet Mars inject powerful energy into your romance zone from early in the month, and your planetary ruler Mercury joins them on January 13. Just note that January 19 could be a weird day for matters of the heart thanks to a square between Venus and Neptune; you can anticipate mixed messages. Venus follows Mars into your house of pleasure on January 23 and trines Jupiter on January 28, making this an ideal date night.


Your January 2024 horoscope is all about rediscovering your roots or planting seeds for new ones to take hold, Libra. With a coterie of planets hanging out in the home-related house of your chart for much of the month, your family of origin is probably on your mind, or maybe you’re working out how and where you’d most like to live. You may be scanning real estate listings or looking at ways to scale up your current accommodations.

On January 11, the new moon is ideal for setting intentions about renting, buying, or selling your place, or finally shacking up with a partner. After the sun and Pluto shift into your love zone on January 20, you might find yourself thinking about the most pleasurable subjects on your vision board.

Career and money: 

The auspicious Jupiter in Taurus is sitting pretty in your eighth house of debt, teaching you to save money for a rainy day or an economic crash. This month, the big planet is vibing with several other planets, making it an excellent time to stash some cash in the appropriate places. Saturn remains in your work zone, driving you harder than it has in years, but this month, helpfully, the cosmic taskmaster isn’t causing too much havoc with other planets.

Love and relationships: 

Whether you’re single or involved, as your planetary ruler Venus moves through your communication zone, you’re likely to take your natural flirting skills for a test drive. After January 23, you move that amorousness indoors and may want to nest, cuddle, or get closer to a lover from the comfort of your couch. This may feel like cuffing season in overdrive.

Once the sun and potent Pluto enter your pleasure zone on January 20, your love life is electrified and excavated at the same time, especially after Uranus stations direct in your sexuality sector on January 28. Something about falling or staying in love probably feels a little scary—but that’s unlikely to stop you from pursuing it.


You’ve got something to say this month, Scorpio, and you’re ready to slay. The last month of 2023 may have kept you quiet for fear of uttering the wrong words—because you were still working out your most authentic thoughts and feelings. After Mercury rights itself and moves back into your communication zone later this month, joining the sun and your mighty traditional ruler Mars, you’ll be able to say what you mean and mean what you say without equivocation.

The new moon on January 11 is an ideal day to make your ideas and ideals known—consider writing down your intentions for the next six months, especially if those intentions include experimenting with forms of self-expression, like writing a memoir or starting a podcast. After the sun and your modern-day ruler Pluto enter the home-related house of your chart on January 20, the whole concept of “family” hits deep, possibly deeper than it ever has in your lifetime.

Career and money:

Money-magnet Venus spends most of the month in your financial zone, helping you to attract new sources of income or grow your current ones. In fact, asking for a raise or pitching a new client could be just the thing to do. The full moon lands in your house of professional prowess on January 25, bringing a major moment for your career. You may feel ready to let go of an ambition that you once felt was a good fit and trade it in for aspirations that make more sense in 2024.

Love and relationships: 

Saturn and Neptune remain in your love zone at the beginning of this year, bringing equal amounts of stability and confusion to your January 2024 horoscope, yet Jupiter continues to bring loads of luck to your relationship zone through May. Even if you’re not totally sure how you feel about your romantic life, you should be far better at expressing yourself after your ruler Mars enters your communication zone on January 4, followed by Venus on January 23. Your heart and your intellect are well-matched right now, and the deepest kind of love and emotional vulnerability feels more compelling.


Tapping into your authentic self-worth is easier for you this month, Sagittarius. If you had any kind of crisis of faith back in December with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you’ll feel tons better once the communication planet stations direct on January 1. Just a few days later, Mars revs up your money zone, followed by a new moon in the same part of your chart on January 11. Not only that, but love-planet Venus is sitting pretty in your sign through January 23, bringing you ample romantic (and perhaps monetary) blessings.

With a full moon in your travel zone on January 25, you may be longing to book a trip abroad. Even if you don’t have any current plans for a long-haul vacation, make sure your passport is up-to-date because the temptation could be overwhelming.

Career and money: 

January is one of the best months of the year to make actionable decisions about your financial life, thanks to a bevy of planets in your money zone. The new moon on January 11 is ideal for setting specific intentions for your next six months of budgeting and income, including side hustles. The next day, Mars trines your ruler Jupiter, currently in your work zone, bringing a stellar moment to schedule a meeting with your boss, set up interviews for a new job, or pitch new clients.

Love and relationships: 

You’ve been rich with romantic rizz since the north node (an invisible point in the sky connected with fate) entered Aries last year, and when the new moon squares the nodes on January 11, you might experience some kind of relationship karma—a fated meeting with a lover, perhaps. With Venus in your sign through January 23, whether you’re single or taken, you’ll also have no shortage of suitors. Incidentally, it’s an excellent time to refresh your physical appearance, perhaps with a haircut or a fresh set of press-ons.


Happy birthday, Capricorn! You get to be the main character this month, whether you want to be the drama or do things by the book. Your solar season is in full effect as January begins, and 2024 looks to be deliciously promising for you. Not only is your decades-long duel with Pluto ending later this month, but your stars look spectacular in the lead-up to this moment. The sun is already in your sign and Mars enters on January 4, giving you exactly the shot in the arm you need after a messy Mercury retrograde.

No matter your actual birthday (even if it already happened), the new moon gives you all you’ve been waiting for since Mercury retrograde began last month. You’ve been mired in some shadowy psychological depths lately, but as we enter 2024, it will feel like a fresh version of you is awake, alive, and ready to climb all the mountains.

Career and money: 

Jupiter has been in your fifth house of creativity and love since last May, but the fringe benefits of this transit really begin to pay off this month, as the lucky planet gets a positive boost from Mars in your sign. This puts you in a prime position to show off your ideas, impressing higher-ups (that is, if you’re not already the boss). The sun and Pluto dip into your money zone on January 20, bringing deeper awareness to your relationship with your financial status and self-worth. This is not light fare, Capricorn—be prepared to probe your depths.

Love and relationships: 

Luck-planet Jupiter’s presence in your love zone through May is a luxe and sensual gift that will keep on giving, but during your birthday season, you get to see the shape of what’s to come romantically. In fact, you can use the new moon in your sign to set intentions for precisely what you desire: What do you want your relationships to look like during the next six months?

Venus enters your sign on January 23, delivering one of the sweetest phases of the year for your love life. The full moon in Leo explodes in your transformation and sexuality sector on January 25, making emotional intimacy feel scary but also oh-so fulfilling.


Welcome to 2024, Aquarius. With several planets in your 12th house of the subconscious mind during the first few weeks of January, part of you may want to fly solo, dreaming away your days and writing in your journal. Later in the month, your effortless chill is tested, but you may be so busy making connections with friends, friends-of-friends, and colleagues that you hardly notice.

In some ways, you’re feeling quite free and social, thanks to the presence of Venus in your networking sector through January 23. Lean into this kind of community-building, because after the sun moves into your sign alongside Pluto on January 20, your intensity ratchets up. The full moon in Leo brings the drama to your one-on-one relationships on January 25. Your modern planetary ruler Uranus stations direct in your home zone the next day. You rarely lose your cool, but you may be all up in your feelings around this time—let it out.

Career and money: 

Your traditional planetary ruler Saturn has been in your money zone since last March, demanding that you get serious about earning and spending, but this month, the cosmic taskmaster is quiet, so there are no major financial bumps. After an intense fall with Mars roiling your career zone, you’re ready to simply report to the office without feeling like your whole life depends on your work performance. It truly does not, Aquarius—you’re focused on far deeper issues at the moment, especially after Pluto returns to your sign on January 20. What matters to you is less about the vagaries of your current job and more about how the whole world works.

Love and relationships: 

The last six months have been leading up to this, Aquarius: The full moon lands in your relationship zone on January 25. This Leo lunation is packed with emotional intensity, the kind you’re not typically compelled to experience. With Pluto in your sign, however, you’re realizing that you can’t always think your way through your feelings, especially the romantic or sexual ones. You must feel them in your heart and your body before you can analyze what’s right for you. Near the full moon, consider leaning into Leo traits to ease you into this process—be “too much” with a lover, and see how it feels.


Socializing soothes your soul this month, Pisces. With the sun and Mars in your networking zone early in the month, and Venus moving into this part of your chart during the last week of January, 2024 begins with you out, about, and in constant contact with your besties. If you had an argument in the group chat during Mercury retrograde, you can smooth things over now, especially leading into the Mars-Jupiter trine that’s sending big love to your communication zone.

This is an excellent moment to have important conversations, both with personal and professional contacts. After January 20, when the sun and Pluto move into your dream zone, you might turn inward, seeking regular self-care sessions and doing deep dives into your dreams. Lucid dreaming and morning pages can feel like free therapy.

Career and money: 

January is one of the best months of the year to expand your professional network. Showing up at events should get you on the radar of those with the kind of connections that can level-up your career. Set goals near the new moon on January 11, meditating on the kinds of people you want to be around while you co-create your future. A big bonus: Venus is in your status sector through January 23, making you more attractive as a potential candidate for new gigs or promotions, not merely lateral moves. Play up that ineffable Piscean charm during the interview process or while pitching new clients.

Love and relationships: 

This month, finding love is easier when you get a little help from your friends. If you’re single, try going out with a big group of friends. You may also have better success on the apps, so refresh your profile(s) and see who’s out there, even if you’ve felt frustrated by recent matches. And if you’re committed, date night can be a great night if you double up with other couples.

Leading up to January 19, when the Venus-Neptune square impacts your sign, you may feel pretty confused about what you want from your relationship(s) or what your partner wants from you; the potential for psychological projection is fairly high. Don’t be afraid to talk about—and talk through—your feelings. The full moon lands in your transformation and sexuality sector on January 25, allowing you to merge profound pleasure with emotional vulnerability.


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