Jax Taylor Feels ‘Embarrassed’ Over ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Trash-Talk


  • Jax Taylor is a polarizing figure on “Vanderpump Rules,” known for his self-centered behavior and tendency to engage in confrontations.
  • Taylor has expressed feelings of embarrassment over his actions, particularly in relation to a scripted rant on the show.
  • Despite his reputation for causing trouble, Taylor’s expressions of embarrassment suggest a more vulnerable side.
  • Taylor’s actions have been criticized for their lack of self-awareness and their potential to cause harm.

247newsaroundtheworld – Jax Taylor Feels ‘Embarrassed’ Over ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Trash-Talk, a central figure on the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules,” has been known for his outspoken and sometimes controversial behavior both on and off the show. His interactions with other cast members and his public persona have often sparked debates and discussions among fans and critics alike.

One of the most notable moments that highlighted Jax Taylor’s combative nature was his confrontation with James Kennedy. During an earlier season, Jax took issue with James’s behavior and demeanor, particularly his interactions with the father of one of the cast members working at SUR. This led to a heated exchange between Jax and James, with Jax making derogatory comments about James’s age and suggesting that he should focus on serving drinks rather than engaging in conversation. This incident showcased Jax’s tendency to insert himself into others’ drama and his willingness to engage in public disputes.

Jax Taylor Feels ‘Embarrassed’ Over ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Trash-Talk

Jax Taylor’s public persona has also been marked by his skepticism about the authenticity of “Vanderpump Rules.” In a TikTok video, he claimed that the show is “scripted,” suggesting that the interactions between cast members are not genuine. He expressed disappointment with the show’s direction, stating that while the first six seasons were “organic” and “real,” the show has become “fake” as the cast members have become more famous and wealthy. Jax also took a jab at the show by promoting “The Valley,” another reality series he is involved in, as being more authentic and organic.

Furthermore, Jax Taylor has been involved in trash-talking incidents, as seen in “House of Villains,” where he confronted Shake Chatterjee for talking behind his back. This incident underscores Jax’s competitive nature and his tendency to defend his reputation and interests, even when it involves engaging in confrontations with other reality TV stars.

Despite his controversial behavior, Jax Taylor has also shown a softer side, particularly in his interactions with his family. He has been vocal about his concerns for his son, Cruz, and has questioned the impact of vaccines on his son’s development, indicating a more personal and reflective side to his character.

Jax Taylor’s character on “Vanderpump Rules” is complex, marked by his combative nature, skepticism about the show’s authenticity, and his willingness to defend his reputation and interests. His interactions with other cast members and his public persona have sparked debates and discussions, making him a memorable figure in the reality TV landscape.

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