Jennifer Love Hewitt Says She Experienced Hardship “No One Knew About”


Jennifer Love Hewitt is opening up about a difficult year.

The Party of Five star explained that she experienced some personal struggles in 2023 that she opted not to share publicly.

“This year I went thru a lot no one knew about,” Hewitt wrote on Instagram in honor of New Year’s. “And was grateful for that privacy.”

While keeping the details private, the Ghost Whisperer alum said she “was forced to have more faith than normal” and “sat deeper in grief and was able to let more go.” 

She said she did a lot of praying and manifesting during the year and ultimately learned that “it’s okay to take time for myself mentally, physically and emotionally.”

And amidst her grief, Hewitt felt the presence of her mom Patricia Hewitt, who died of cancer in 2012.

“Felt my mom around us and saw signs that she was,” the 44-year-old noted. “Said goodbye to things that don’t serve positivity in my life and made room for lots of good things in 2024.”


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