Joel Kinneman Braves the Cold in First ‘Ice Fall’ Image


The big picture

  • Get ready for a nail-biting thriller with
    ice fall
    starring Joel Kinnaman in a treacherous snowy landscape.
  • The film follows a game warden and a poacher who team up to find millions in hidden cash before time runs out.
  • Director Stefan Ruzowitzky says the film is ”
    River of the Wind
    they meet
    A simple plan”

A first image from the Academy Award-winning filmmaker has been released Stefan Ruzowitzkythe next thriller ice fall. The image shows a male protagonist Joel Kinnamanknown for projects such as James Gunnthe 2021 action comedy The Suicide Squad, John Woo'2023 action thriller silent night. Kinnaman will star ice fall next to Face Jade Myersknown for Martin Scorseserecently nominated for an Oscar Killers of the Flower Moon), Danny Huston from Warner Bros.' Wonderful woman fame, Graham Greene of Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves i Frank Darabont's The Green Mile, i Martin Sensmeierknown for Taylor Sheridanthe thriller of wind. Arclight Films' Gary Hamilton i Ying Ye, Addam BramichTop Film's Volodymyr Artemenko i Eugene Stupka, Ryan Hamilton i Rob Van Norden they are producing ice fallwith Arclight Films handling international sales and co-representing Capstone Global in domestic sales.

ice fall recently wrapped production in Bulgaria, with the exciting film's planned release date currently under wraps. The film was written by George Mahaffey i Steve Isles. ice fall will center around a young indigenous game warden as he arrests an infamous poacher. After this arrest, the warden discovers that the poacher knows the secret location of a crashed plane containing millions of dollars. When a group of criminals and corrupt police offers learn of the poacher's whereabouts, the ranger and the poacher form an unlikely team as they work together across the dangerous snowy landscape in search of their prize before the ice beneath d they melt

'Ice Fall' will be a 'nail-biting crime thriller'

Image via Yana Blajeva

The image shows Kinnaman looking gruff as ever, tentatively holding a bow and arrow as he supposedly surveys the landscape before him. It looks cluttered and rather unkempt, lending itself to the treacherous snowy landscape you're tasked with navigating. Speaking to Deadline, producer Gary Hamilton said:

ice fall
promises to be a nail-biting crime thriller along the lines of
River of the Wind
they meet
A simple plan
. Our director Stefan Ruzowitzky's vision is tense and compelling, full of suspense and intrigue! We can't wait to see him live. From the first time I saw it

The forgers

, I knew Stefan was a director I wanted to work with. Throughout his work, he has consistently been a visionary director.”

Director Ruzowitsky won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2008 with The forgers. In 2018 he directed Patient Zero, an action horror starring Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci and Matt Smith. Joel Kinnaman's work includes a number of sci-fi and action thrillers, and the Swedish actor is best known for playing the title role in the Swedish film. easy moneyfor which he won the 2011 Guldbagge Award for Best Actor.

There is currently no release date for ice fall.

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