Josh Hartnett Is a Serial Killer Dad in TRAP’s Surprising Trailer


There's something special about 90s brats and dream girls. Maybe you loved it She is all that because Freddie Prinze, Jr. and/or Rachael Leigh Cook were really all that. (Some of us were totally into both, lol.) I totally hear you, and I've had a lot of crushes of mine, like the Fresh Prince to himself Another guy I love is Josh Hartnett, who I first saw in scary movies like Halloween H20 i The Faculty. Of course, he was far from the villain of those movies and many others, as he became a teen idol and continued to build his career. So imagine my anguish when I saw the trailer trapa horror movie where Josh Hartnett is a serial killer at a pop concert.

The film, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is about Cooper, a father who takes his teenage daughter Riley (played by Ariel Donoghue) to see her favorite singer. That sounds heartwarming and totally normal, right? Well, if you know anything about Shyamalan, then you knew he was going to go into left field. However, the trap The trailer hits left field in a way you wouldn't expect.

We see Cooper in awe of his daughter's pure joy to see her music queen live. He tells her he's going to the bathroom and that's when your heart starts pounding. Will someone kidnap her? Is there some supernatural or demonic shenanigans going on? Not entirely. Cooper notices a disturbing amount of security on his way to the restroom and asks someone who works there.

The boy reluctantly tells him that they're setting up a trap for “the butcher,” a serial killer who lives up to his name. The worker says there's no way he's leaving, and Cooper retreats to the bathroom to check the safety of his home. And guess what? He has someone chained up and screaming in the basement! What. The hell Cooper is starting to see red and wonders how he's going to get out of there without getting caught and really ruining Riley's day. wow A movie from the killer's POV is inspired, indeed.

What is the release date of M. Night Shyamalan and Josh Hartnett's horror movie trap?

Josh Harnett smiles creepily at the camera in the trailer for the cheat movie
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The trailer doesn't offer any brutality, but we do get haunting looks from Hartnett that make me feel very conflicted. I want to talk about it, but not in public. Anyways, trap hits theaters on August 9th and I can't wait to see what happens with Cooper and Riley. Oh, and the man in the basement too.


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