Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her Postpartum Fitness Routine


As for what Kaley’s work outs typically entail? The 37-year-old revealed that she’ll exercise for about 25 minutes, doing 10 rounds of interval training.

To start, she begins at a one percent incline and 6.4 speed and walks for about a minute—breaking it down by doing 30 seconds of fitness and 30 seconds of rest. Then, during each round, she’ll up the ante by increasing the intensity of the incline and speed.

Kaley’s exercise practices have also translated to other aspects of her life. In fact, she enjoys wearing her running shoes on and off the treadmill.

“I also feel like nowadays, sneakers are so freaking cool,” she said, “you wear them with a dress and look as cute as can be. I don’t even own heels anymore.”

Another reason for swapping out her stilettos for sneakers? She recalled her pregnancy experience, sharing, “I worked out late into my pregnancy and my feet started hurting aggressively. I would go to bed crying at night.”

However, it’s clear she’s found her stride.


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