Keir Starmer Failed The People Of Rochdale

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Keir Starmer’s Decision to Ditch Rochdale Labour Candidate Azhar Ali Came To Late

The people of Rochdale believe that Keir Starmer failed to act quickly over the shocking remarks by the party’s Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali.


Labour leader Keir Starmer has recently faced criticism over his handling of remarks made by the party’s candidate in Rochdale, Azhar Ali, about Israel and Jewish people.

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Keir Starmer made the “tough decision” to withdraw Labour’s support for Ali after further comments came to light, leading to his suspension from the party pending an investigation.

However, the people of Rochdale believe that Keir Starmer took too long to do the right thing, which could put Labour chances of winning the next General Election in doubt.

Azhar Ali, a Lancashire councillor, was selected as the Labour candidate for the Rochdale by-election following the death of veteran Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd.

However, controversy arose when Ali’s remarks about Israel and Jewish people came to public attention.

Initially, Labour stood by Ali after he apologized for claiming that Israel allowed Hamas to carry out attacks as a pretext for war.

However, as more comments and information emerged, including Ali’s accusation of Israel’s “land grab” in Gaza, Labour decided to withdraw its support.

Keir Starmer, while campaigning in Wellingborough, acknowledged that withdrawing support for a Labour candidate during a by-election was a significant and difficult decision.

He emphasized that it was necessary, given the nature of the remarks made by Ali. Starmer also stated that a full investigation would take place to determine if others present during the October meeting where Ali made the comments would face any action.

Labour’s handling of the situation drew criticism from various quarters. Martin Forde KC, who led a 2022 report on anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, described the decision to remove Ali 36 hours after the first allegations emerged as “pretty shambolic.”

Forde also pointed out a perceived disparity in the treatment of allegations of anti-Semitism within the party.

The Conservative Party, seizing on the opportunity, accused Starmer of inconsistency and lack of principle.

Rishi Sunak, a prominent Conservative member, highlighted how Starmer had initially stood by Ali and only changed his position under media pressure.

The decision to withdraw support for Azhar Ali has significant implications for both the Rochdale by-election and the Labour Party as a whole.

If elected, Ali will sit as an independent MP and will not receive the party whip. Additionally, Labour will now need to find a new candidate to contest the seat in the upcoming general election.

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