Kristin Cavallari’s Comment On ‘F-ing’ Men Stirs Up Controversy


Controversy surrounding Kristin Cavallari began after she gave some questionable dating advice, revealing how long women should wait to sleep with a new partner.

The 36-year-old took in callers’ questions on a recent episode of her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast, but one of her answers sparked a debate.

“How many dates until you sleep with a guy?” a listener asked the reality TV star, to which she responded by explaining how in the past, she made her dates “wait three or four dates” before having sex, however, she recently changed her mind.

Kristin Cavallari Stirs Controversy Over Comment On ‘F—ing Men’


Cavallari then added, “I don’t think it f—king matters.”

“It doesn’t f—king matter if you sleep with him the first or the tenth date. If there is chemistry and feelings there, it doesn’t matter,” she added.

The reality television star shared the clip on social media, which is when users began bashing Kristin Cavallari for her advice.

“Soul ties are a real thing. You’re absolutely damaging yourself if you sleep around and give it up to anyone you have chemistry with,” one of her followers wrote, adding, “I know I’m old fashioned (also a believer in Jesus) so I’m probably in the minority. But this generation’s hook-up culture seems so icky.”

Another follower chimed in by writing, “No, girl, it most certainly DOES matter! If you’re sleeping with every guy you date, you’re essentially sleeping around. No guy of any value wants a meaningful, lasting relationship with the village bicycle.”

Kristin Cavallari Receives Major Backlash Amid Recent Comment

Kristin Cavallari Stirs Controversy Over Comment On 'F---ing Men'

One fan wrote, “TRASH ADVICE from a totally unreliable source,” as another commented, “NO MA’AM! This is the worse advice from a non-expert that gets women hurt.”

That same user then mapped out the reasons:

“Here’s why it matters: 1. Women produce oxytocin a bonding hormone when she had sex 2. STD and dirty p—— 3. Give yourself time to find out if he’s crazy. It’s not about trying to get him into you. It’s about you being sure he deserves you. 4. The study you recited isn’t real. 5. Playing Vajajay Roulette isn’t a dating strategy 6. Your body is worth more, make him earn it. 7. According to real research, sleeping with a guy too soon interrupts Vasopressin in a man which is his bonding hormone.”

Meanwhile, another one of her followers chimed in by stating, “I always say: for heterosexual relationship: If the guy is paying for these dates, if you’re not sleeping with him after three dates and he paid, you don’t like him like that.”

Adding, “When a guy asks someone on a date, they definitely want to sleep with you. If they keep paying and you’re not putting out, I do find it a little messed up, especially if he’s being a gentleman.”

Kristin Cavallari Stirs Controversy Over Comment On 'F---ing Men'

“Oh God sweetheart …it matters …and are you single ATM??? Ok then ….you need to respect yourself and maybe they will respect you,” one of her followers commented on the clip shared to Instagram.

Lastly, one user expressed, “Except it does matter SO MUCH – we become so much more attached with people after we sleep with them and people confuse chemistry with compatibility and lose the ability to think clearly about if a person is truly right (aligned values, goals, healthy communication, etc) making it much more difficult to walk away and leads to heart break or one person not being really fulfilled in the relationship.”


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