LEGO’s X-MEN ’97 Set Showcases the Marvel Mutants’ X-Jet

LEGO’s X-MEN ’97 Set Showcases the Marvel Mutants’ X-Jet


At some point in the first half of 2024, the mighty mutants from the ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series are making their grand return on Disney+ when X-Men ’97 premieres. But in anticipation, a ton of new X-Men ’97 merchandise has already hit the shelves, including action figures, t-shirts, and more. Of course, there will also be X-Men ’97 LEGO sets, starting with a new X-Jet. Or, as Marvel Comics fans know it, the Blackbird. This 359-piece construction set measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 11 in. (30 cm) long, and 10 in. (25 cm) wide, and is already available for pre-order for $84.99. You can check out several images of the new X-Jet set in our gallery below:

The buildable toy features twin cockpits with room for 4 minifigures, including Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, and Magneto, in his new good guy costume. It also has 2 stud shooters on both sides of the plane, and 2 spring shooters beneath the wings. The buildable model plane also includes 2 removable containers where you can store spare studs… and Wolverine’s long claws when they are not attached to him. For added fun, builders can zoom in, rotate models in 3D, and track their progress using the LEGO Builder app.

The X-Men '97 X-jet LEGO set with minifigures.

Unlike some early LEGO announcements, this set doesn’t really offer up any spoilers for the upcoming X-Men ’97 series. They already revealed some time ago that Magneto would be in hero mode in this continuation, so that doesn’t count. His costume is an homage to the era of comics where Charles Xavier left him in charge of his school. But other product releases have spoiled certain plot developments, like the addition of Mister Sinister as the series’ main villain. Hopefully, some big surprises will remain unspoiled from merch reveals when X-Men ’97 drops later this year.


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