‘Longlegs’ Teaser — Maika Monroe Is at Wits’ End


The big picture

  • “Sweet: Part Two” offers chilling new footage and hints at the supernatural in the upcoming horror thriller
    Long legs
  • FBI agent Lee Harker discovers hidden ties in a personal connection to the serial killer he's chasing
    Long legs
  • Long legs
    directed by Oz Perkins, promises a twisted mystery and tense thriller with a July 12 release date.

The title of scariest movie of the year is still up for grabs in 2024, but it's going to be hard to come up with a more nefarious marketing campaign than Neon. Long legs. Written and directed by Oz Perkinsthe psychological horror thriller has received one cryptic teaser after another to draw audiences into its twisted mystery revolving around the titular serial killer played by Nicolas Cage. Today, the indie banner just released two new teasers, including a haunting poster and a short video titled “Sweet: Part One” and “Sweet: Part Two,” respectively, that offer a new look at the film ahead of the its premiere this summer.

As with the previous videos, “Sweet: Part Two” doesn't reveal any story details, though it does some new images that tease the presence of the supernatural a Long legs. It's all centered around a chilling poem, which reads “So close the crimson and the clover, All now on the edge, where the black begins, The long forked tongue whistles.” Between each line, tense scenes flash across the screen showing murders taking place, shadowy demons and a woman with bloody hands before cutting herself. Maika MonroeFBI agent Lee Harker looking in the mirror. He seems to be at his wits' end when the letters of the poem fall to explain Long-legged Cametes and a final line appears, apparently referring to her as the “daughter of the seventh she.”

Long legs It is said to take cues from classic Hollywood psychological thrillers, as rising star Harker is tasked with tackling the cold case of the eponymous serial killer. As he digs deeper into the mystery, countless twists and turns are uncovered that not only point to the presence of the occult, but form a personal connection to Harker. With the killer preparing to attack another innocent family, the agent must quickly piece together the clues before tragedy strikes again. There's a more personal desire here as well, as the teaser also notes about Harker, “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to catch a killer.”

In addition to the poster and video, Bloody Disgusting received a set list that they shared on Twitter with ten steps to a nefarious application process related to the film, which includes a screening, multiple tests including physical fitness exams and a basic field training course. It's just another way Long legs is building curiosity for its release, especially with a relative lack of story details to work with. Perkins also brings a deft hand behind the camera, given his past experience Gretel and Hansel and another horror mystery thriller, The daughter of the black coat. Even in a year filled with horror that includes the next one Abigail, Nosferatuand another NEON title a cuckooamong other things, the Monroe-Cage-directed film is one to keep an eye on as it nears its release.

Long legshits theaters July 12. Check out Neon's terrifying new teaser above.

Long legs

FBI agent Lee Harker is assigned to an unsolved serial killer case that takes unexpected turns, revealing evidence of the occult. Harker discovers a personal connection to the killer and must stop him before he strikes again.

Publication date
July 12, 2024

Execution time
1h 41m


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