Man in Scream-Like Mask Allegedly Killed Neighbor With Chainsaw


Pennsylvania police may have a real-life horror film on their hands.

Zak Russel Moyer, 30, was arrested on March 25 after allegations that he fatally attacked his neighbor Edward Whitehead Jr. while wearing a mask and costume “consistent with the Scream movie character,” according to a police affidavit obtained by E! News.

In the March 26 criminal complaint, Pennsylvania State Police said they showed up at a residence in Lehighton Borough in the afternoon on March 25 after receiving reports of an assault in progress. Upon arriving on the scene, the state troopers found a 59-year-old man suffering from life-threatening injuries that appeared to be caused by a “piercing object.” The victim, identified as Whitehead Jr., was then transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. 

As their investigation continued, trooper Anthony Petroski explained that police learned Whitehead Jr. was actually “struck multiple times with a knife and a battery-operated chainsaw.”


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