Miranda Rae Mayo’s Chicago Fire Salary Is Much Larger Than You Likely Think


The new information about Miranda Rae Mayo’s salary isn’t the first time a “One Chicago” star’s income has been discussed online, but it might be among the more reliable reports on the subject. For instance, wealth estimation site Celebrity Net Worth has reported that “Chicago P.D.” star Jason Beghe makes as much as $250,000 per episode. If true, this would put his base pay from a 22-episode season at $5.5 million.

It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that this estimate of Beghe’s earnings is unconfirmed, so there’s no telling how much he actually makes. As for Mayo, the existence of documents that the lawsuit has brought to public attention makes the report of her salary seem somewhat more credible.

Mayo hasn’t commented on the state of her finances in interviews or elsewhere, but it’s clear that she’s working hard for her pay. Apart from the obvious physicality and acting requirements of portraying a major firefighter role in the NBC drama, Mayo has attended and participated in the Fire College program of the Illinois Fire Service Institute to train for the part.


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