Missing hiker’s brother urges increased U.S. involvement in search efforts: “I just want to find my brother”

Missing hiker’s brother urges increased U.S. involvement in search efforts: “I just want to find my brother”


The brother of an American tourist who went missing while hiking on the Greek island of Amorgos is appealing for help.

Albert Calibet, 59, a retired police officer who holds French and American citizenship, was Tuesday is still to come after going on a solo hike a week earlier. Her brother, Oliver, was in Greece with a small group of friends and family to help with search efforts, and posted a video on YouTube on Monday asking for more help to find Calibet.

But Oliver Calibet said he believes the US government should do more to find his brother.

“This is a first responder, this is a guy who is missing. This is a guy who has helped a lot of people throughout his career,” Oliver Calibet said in a YouTube video.

Albert Calibet's friends and family told CBS News he was familiar with the island's hiking trails, having visited for years.

“It doesn't make sense. It's like he swallowed it,” said Sandrine Cutright, Calibet's sister-in-law.

Robin Winston, a friend of Calibet's, said Calibet may have suffered an injury that prevents him from moving and stressed the urgency of finding him.

Greece has suffered a strong heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 104 degrees earlier this month, contributing to the dangers faced by hikers. The heat waves have been so intense that the authorities have had to close schools.

Calibet is one of several tourists who have gone missing on the Greek islands recently. At least three people have been found dead, including prominent British TV doctor Michael Mosley and a 55-year-old man Toby Sheets from Floral Park, New York. On Saturday, another body was discovered on the island of Samos, where a Dutch hiker had been missing for a week.

According to Reuters, two French women were also reported missing. One of the women contacted the owner of the hostel where she was staying on Friday to ask for help. Ilias Gavanas, the owner, told Reuters he had sent her a selfie and a message early Friday morning, saying it had fallen.

Meanwhile, even though Calibet has not been seen for seven days, his family remains determined.

“I know, probably, the chances are very slim,” said Oliver Calibet. “But if there is that 1%… I just want to find my brother.”


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