Natalia Grace’s Adoptive Mom Cynthia Mans Speaks Out After Docuseries


Earlier this week, Natalia launched a GoFundMe, saying she recently moved out and is saving to get her own house. She noted that also wants to start a photography business “so I can have a fresh start in life as an adult and get past everything that happened in my life.” In addition, Natalia, who has a rare form of dwarfism, said that she expects to undergo surgeries on her spine and legs.

“I would like to make enough to at least put a deposit on my own place and start a business to start earning some money so I can start saving for this expensive treatment,” she wrote. “However if I reach over my goal I will be able to put that towards the treatment I require to give me a better chance at getting enough to cover it.”

In a TikTok video posted Jan. 10, Natalia offered another life update, noting that she was being “careful of my mental health and my emotional health.”

“Been in pain,” she continued. “So I’ve just been kind of relaxing, getting some me time in and just having fun, livin’.”


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