New COVID Booster Available In Lincolnshire

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NHS spring Covid booster jab booking service open

The new Spring Covid vaccine is now available to book for people living in Lincolnshire.


It has today been announced that the new NHS Spring Covid vaccine will be available to book from Monday 15th April 2024.

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People living in Lincolnshire including Skegness, Grimsby, Spalding, Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes, Lincoln, Boston, and Grantham, will be able to book a free NHS spring Covid booster vaccine if they qualify.

The Covid spring vaccine will be available to everyone aged 75 or older or for those people with a weak immune system. To book a Covid vaccine in Lincolnshire, people are being asked to book by calling 119, or via the NHS website or app.

Although Lincolnshire Covid cases have dropped, it is still important that people get vaccinated to lower the risk of catching it. Although we are no longer in the pandemic, it is important to understand that Covid can still be life-threatening for some.


Who Can Have An NHS Free Covid Booster Job In Lincolnshire?


Those eligible for a Covid booster in Lincolnshire include:

    Those aged 75 or older by 30 June 2024

    people in Lincolnshire care homes for older adults

    anyone immunosuppressed who is aged six months or older


Some People Will Be Contacted About The NHS Covid Booster


The NHS will be sending people in Lincolnshire who are eligible texts, emails, and messages through the app.

Please note, if you are eligible for the Covid booster vaccine, you do not need to wait for a message, you can book from Monday.

UK Health Security Agency immunisations director Dr Mary Ramsay said: “With Covid-19 still circulating, it’s important those at highest risk who are eligible for the spring vaccine get their jab to help top up their immunity.

“We are still seeing Covid-19 causing hospitalisations and severe illness, particularly among older people and those with weakened immune systems.

“And the vaccine provides the best protection – so don’t put it off.

“If you’re eligible, book your appointment as soon as you’re invited by the NHS.”


Which Covid vaccine will be used in Lincolnshire?

There are serval different vaccines that will be used for the new booster jab in Lincolnshire and the UK.

They include Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines updated against more recent Covid variants.


Can I Buy A Covid Booster?

One of the big questions being asked is if I can buy the Covid booster. The answer is yes.

Some chemists and also private clinics have started selling Covid vaccines

The Covid vaccine is being sold for around £45-£99 and is available for people aged 12 and over.

Chief executive Graham Thomas from Pharmadoctor that assists the bookings with some pharmacies that offer the Covid Vaccine service told BBC News that there has been a huge demand in paid for Covid Vaccine service.

According to Graham Thomas, 84% who paid to have the vaccine had no underlying medical conditions, which shows how people still feel getting vaccinated against Covid is still important.

People living in Lincolnshire including in Cleethorpes, Mablethorpe, Market Rasen, and Louth are being advised to book a Covid Booster jab if they are eligible.

Read the latest News in Skegness to see when the vaccine will be available.


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