Night Country Episode 6 Confirms What Happened To Liz Danvers’ Family


Viewers undoubtedly notice that Liz has a somewhat parental role in the lives of many younger characters. While the most obvious ones might be Pete (Finn Bennett) and Leah (Isabella Star LaBlanc), there’s also an argument to be made for Navarro, who, at the very least, was once mentored by the older officer.

The tragedy may also help to explain Liz’s promiscuity. As Navarro asks her at one point, “Is there anyone in this town who you haven’t slept with?” While there’s nothing wrong with being sexually active with multiple partners, it makes sense that the character, who is also frequently seen drinking, may be trying to fill the hole left in her life by her lost husband.

Still, it’s her son’s death that dominates Liz’s thoughts most. Not only does the event haunt her throughout “True Detective: Night Country,” but it seems to have shaken her faith and her belief in humanity as inherently good. While no amount of solace can fill a hole of grief that large, it appears Liz has at least found some peace by the end of the series. Furthermore, with Leah and Pete (and perhaps Navarro) still in her life, she has the chance to continue to teach younger people she cares about, even if they occasionally butt heads.


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