NYLON House Party Coachella 2024 Photos & Recap


Learning a party’s lore before the actual event can create unrealistic expectations and, therefore, disappointment. But as one of the newest members of team NYLON, I’m pleased to report that my colleagues were 100% not overselling the impeccable, festival-within-a-festival vibes of our Coachella party.

As guests pulled up to NYLON House on April 12 at Cavallo Ranch, a receiving line of monarch and blue morpho butterfly cutouts led to an immense, glowing NYLON sign. Behind the massive letters rose up four illuminated domes, each housing experiences like Kate Spade New York’s technicolor floral infinity room — which already had a line shortly after the night began at 10 p.m. Eager guests snapped pics in the mirrored corridor before leaving with custom branded baseball hats.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda’s bling bar also saw early and continuous action as partygoers wearing enough cowboy boots to outfit Sergio Leone’s entire filmography consulted expert piercers — and bit the bullet on double cartilage piercings, as one redhead in a pink crochet bra top squealed to her pals. Nearby, the off-the-cuff makeovers continued at the göt2b Remix Styling Hub — where guests received teal braids and magenta ponytails inspired by the brand’s Color Remix range — and at the Sally Hansen station, where nail artists freehanded delicate butterfly designs onto fresh lilac and “Drive Me Crazy” green paint jobs. And for those content with just a touch-up, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ calming green room stocked their new Power Grip Primer — and mini duffle bags filled with samples that only grew fuller with more merch, like the extremely popular NYLON House-branded sweatshirt, as the evening progressed.

As Tinx & Lucas launched into a rousing remix of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” most of the dance floor scream-sang along in front of the Rémy Martin VIP XO Lounge, where the label’s XO cognac was shaken up into cocktails, of which the Rémy Ginger was the unofficial crowd favorite. Celsius Galaxy, Astro, and Cosmic were the other drinks of choice as guests sampled all three new flavors in the brand’s tasting room — just in case they needed to keep the energy up for Blond:ish’s set, which began in the wee hours.

With the scent of Nautica Pure Blue on the wind — and tubes of shave gel in hand from the label’s underwater-themed activation — the post-Coachella crowd flowed in and made a beeline for Dumpling Daughter’s signature vegan and chicken offerings and Hilton’s sangria-flavored cotton candy spun on the spot at the hotel group’s lush booth, decorated to resemble its La Quinta Club & Resort. Sustenance secured, partygoers then turned their attention inward at Keys Soulcare with aura readings and an affirmation wall, which was scrawled with messages like “I rise above” and “Love without hesitation or remorse.”

That affectionate mood only heightened as SOFI TUKKER took to the stage, playing an eclectic mix of Backstreet Boys and Yelle to groups in blinking cowboy hats with their arms around one another. By 2:30 a.m., Billie Eilish was en route, hot dumplings were still being served, metallic NYLON House totes containing copies of the upcoming issue featuring Gwen Stefani were being handed out, and the light-up butterflies perched here and there winked in the cool early-morning air. In the breeze, their wings fluttered — almost as if they were ready to take flight.

Take A Peek

Take a step inside NYLON House at Coachella below to see the top-tier activations for yourself.


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