OREO’s STAR WARS Cookies Come in Mystery Light and Dark Side Packs


Light or dark? This is a question everyone War of the galaxies the fan has faced. But soon we won't have a choice, because we will make the decision for ourselves. Don't worry, you won't be forced to live as a Jedi or a Sith, no matter which side you end up with. You'll get a delicious, iconic treat to celebrate your favorite sci-fi franchise in any way you like. Oreo and Lucasfilm have partnered for the first time War of the galaxies cookie collaboration. Hungry fans won't know if they had one special edition light side or dark side pack until they open them.


The recently announced Special Edition War of the galaxies OREO cookies will be sold in two different varieties. Each will come in identical outer packaging that celebrates the character's original hand-painted poster by Greg Hildebrandt in 1977. But what snackers won't know until they open them is whether they're cookies that represent the light side or the side dark of the Force. .

Those with a light package will find cookies made with a blue cream. Those with the dark side version will bite a red creme. Each color cream also comes “infused with 'kyber' sugar crystals inspired by the crystals found in a lightsaber.”

The outside of the cookies will also have something for fans to enjoy. Both the light and dark side come with 10 characters embossed on the cookies. These iconic figures represent their respective side of the Force. You can see which 20 War of the galaxies characters made the cut in this official image.

20 Star Wars Oreo Character Designs Half Red Cream Half Blue

Overall pretty cool, but are we sure he's not Count Dooku's brother? ….Half brother?

You can reserve yours War of the galaxies Packages of OREO cookies from May 30 at OREO.com/StarWars. They will then start arriving in stores across the country from June 10th. But don't delay. They will only be available “for a limited time, while supplies last.” After that, you'll have to find them on the secondary market or steal them. If you choose the latter, you don't need a random box of cookies to know you're a member of the dark side.


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